The Best Electric Shavers 2021

Best Electric Shavers of 2021

The method of shaving is a matter of taste, and we will definitely not give any recommendations on this matter. However, for those who already know the answer, we have compiled a rating of the best electric shavers of 2021, which contains models of the entry, middle and premium classes. Conventionally, all such devices can be divided into several types:

  1. Rotary shavers are better at removing short stubble but can be irritating if you have sensitive skin. They have several heads, each of which is a mini-disc with a wide abundance of blades;
  2. Mesh razors are less effective at removing short stubble, but the likelihood of injury is much less. These models are more effective at trimming the mustache and trimming the beard.

Despite the peculiarity of the cutting elements, myths about the obvious superiority of one of them have long been dispelled. The most important factor is the price category. In the premium sector, good brands have almost equally effective mesh and rotary products.


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The initial category contains a variety of electric shavers, both in terms of blades and power. It is important to understand one thing – they are all inferior to the middle class, and even in the mesh sector, there are no ideal budget models that will easily slide and effectively remove short hairs. Here you will need to accept the fact that you will have to go through all the contours of the face several times, trying to achieve the perfect result. For delicate skin, let’s say right away, it is better to focus on the more expensive segment of electric razors.

Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone

The top 10 electric shavers are opened by the Xiaomi Panchen Blackstone model, which attracts an ergonomic but quite durable body. The model is suitable for dry and wet shaving, which can be explained by the presence of a small battery (enough for 60 minutes of cordless operation). The power of the motor installed in this device is 5 W. Of course, you shouldn’t expect an ultra-efficient result, which is understandable even for the price. However, the Chinese brand offered a very affordable and decent model for users looking to appreciate a new type of shave. The noise level in this product does not exceed 67 dB. In general, the device justifies its value for sure.

Berdsk 3318AS

In search of a good inexpensive electric shaver for men, many buyers have opted for the Berdsk 3318AC model, which has a compact, durable body. The device complies with the IPX6 protection standard, so it can be cleaned of hair debris under running water. The structure includes a good indication. The battery capacity is enough for 90 minutes of autonomous operation, high-quality Li-lon components are used. It takes about 90 minutes to restore the battery. The knives in this device are made of Japanese 420j2 grade steel. Of course, this is not the most expensive product, but it has a good level of wear resistance and increased strength.

Philips S1133 Series 1000

If you can’t decide which inexpensive AC-powered shaver to choose, we recommend checking out the Philips S1133 Series 1000. This generation comes with sharp enough blades for its price point. Suitable for dry shaving. At the same time, a lot of unnecessary movements have to be done on the neck and in other difficult areas – the floating head is clearly inferior to many premium solutions. Shaving elements have a long service life. After a year and a half from the operation, it does not have to be changed, given that I did not use any lubricating oils. This is probably due to the presence of PowerCut self-sharpening blades.

Wahl 3615-1016

Among all the variety of high-quality compact electric shavers, the Wahl 3615-1016 model favorably stands out for its price and efficiency. Despite its low cost, this device guarantees a close shave by eliminating stubble up to 3 millimeters long. In offline mode, this gadget operates for about 45 minutes. Overall, this is good enough for multiple shaves. You can find out about the discharge by means of the LED indication. It is worth noting the presence of an excellent case, equipped with an anti-slip coating of the Soft Touch series. In the hand, this gadget will definitely not slip out. Based on expert feedback, good knives are used that do not dull over time.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500

The best inexpensive electric shaver this year, according to our editorial staff, is the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500, which attracts with balanced performance for the mid-range level. The high efficiency of this product is due to the presence of a high-quality rotating head that rotates 360 degrees. The smart design has good indication and an anti-slip coating. We are pleased with the quality of the shaving nets, double-layer plates, and protection according to the IPX7 standard. Among other things, the company’s engineers used the Japanese Mabuchi Motors 260, which provides the user with efficient work overtime.


This category contains medium and premium electric shavers for men with excellent sharpening and good floating heads. This indicates a high level of ease of use. The presented models are easily cleaned of dirt and have more advanced equipment. In particular, the base deserves attention, which can be equipped with technologies for sharpening, cleaning, charging electric shavers. Many famous brands offer such docking stations, but not all of them are implemented equally well.

Panasonic ES-RT37

The rating of the best electric shavers is replenished by the Panasonic ES-RT37 model, suitable for sensitive skin, equipped with a three-grid system. The power and sharpness of the blades are sufficient for optimal results with minimum effort. In addition to good smoothness, you also get a high level of ease of use – minimal pain. Comfort in use is also due to the support of the LED indicator, through which it is easy to monitor the residual charge level. Customer reviews confirm the high level of sharpening. True, against the background of newer generations, the blades become dull faster. The advantages include an accurate retractable trimmer, with which you can trim your mustache and straighten your beard. Cleaning is carried out under running water.

Braun 3020s Series 3 ProSkin

Definitely, a good men’s electric shaver was pleased by the Braun company. This is the 3020s Series 3 ProSkin, which is battery-operated. The battery capacity is enough for 45 minutes of autonomy. There is a convenient and clear indication, as well as a screen. The display also shows the information on when to clean the blades. Buyers claim that with this device, the likelihood of injury is reduced to zero. This is likely due to the use of two high-quality shaving nets. As you can imagine from the description, the device is suitable for dry and wet shaving.

Philips S5100 Series 5000

In search of a quality household electric shaver, many users have opted for the Philips S5100 Series 5000. This functional shaving product has three floating heads that provide a delicate facial treatment. The battery life of this product is 40 minutes. The case, as you know, has a waterproof case. However, you can safely complete your tasks with dry shaving. You can only find fault with a simple single-level indicator. However, this is enough to understand when it is time to charge the device from the outlet.

Braun 3050cc Series 3 ProSkin

Another good and convenient electric shaver with a self-cleaning and charging station is the Braun 3050cc Series 3 ProSkin. The set includes a convenient case for transporting a professional tool. As you can imagine, this device is used not only at home but also in beauty salons. Actually, do not forget about the good experience of the brand, which decided to take the best and implement in this model. The result is a virtually perfect device that is great for users with sensitive skin. The likelihood of irritation is minimal. There is an integrated trimmer with which you can trim your beard. An indicator (four levels) always indicates when it is time to rebuild the battery. The battery lasts for 45 minutes of battery life. There is the possibility of a fast five-minute charge,

Philips S9711 Series 9000

The best electric shaver is the Philips S9711 Series 9000 with SmartClean Plus. The latest generation model received a base that is responsible for cleaning, lubricating, drying, and charging the device. All these operations are carried out with one click. At the same time, the flagship quality electric shaver has a modest screen located on the front of the device. Special attention should be paid to the movable unit with three heads, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the face. Naturally, this gadget uses a high-quality waterproof case, which is not afraid of minor mechanical damage. The separate styler included in the kit has 5 predefined lengths.


If you are just on the way to studying the market and still do not understand how to choose an electric shaver, we recommend that you consider the main characteristics:

  • Mobility. This parameter depends on the quality of the shaving heads. Rotary models have 2-4 discs, which are located at different angles. The more elements, the more expensive the equipment, but such products are more maneuverable mesh analogs. It is good if the entire shaving unit has movable mounts. This allows the clipper to more correctly follow the contours of the face.
  • Attachments and accessories. Rotary models are rarely equipped with a retractable knife or trimmer for mustache and beard edging. In this regard, mesh models that can perform more tasks look more priority. If you are buying a high-end mesh model, you will need a docking station. Flagship models also support cleaning and sharpening in the same base.
  • Modes and indications. Many advanced electric shavers support disc rotation and speed control. This is not always justified. More important is the quality of the indication, through which you can control the process of autonomous operation of equipment.

Of course, you can talk about different manufacturers, weight, case quality, but these are all auxiliary questions.

Tips for choosing an electric shaver

  1. Foil shavers are almost always lighter, more convenient on the road.
  2. If you are interested in a rotary razor, keep in mind that a lot depends on the number of heads and the edge of the blades;
  3. Before buying any razor, you need to think about how to shave. If you are interested in wet shaving with gels, you will have to overpay;
  4. Special attachments can significantly increase the scope of the technology. This is a smart decision if you have a beard or mustache.
  5. Indication and screen allow you to always know the current state of the battery charge level;
  6. The more often you use the shaver, the more appropriate it is to focus on models with wet cleaning or an expensive base that includes this option.


Thus, in order to choose the right device for yourself, first of all, you need to decide on the budget that you are ready to allocate for such equipment. If you do not know which electric shaver to buy, you can also pay attention to our conclusion:

  1. Best Inexpensive Electric Shaver for Men – Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500
  2. A good model for wet and dry shaving – Braun 3020s Series 3 ProSkin;
  3. A quality shaver for the price and quality – Philips S5100 Series 5000;
  4. Best premium electric shaver – Philips S9711 Series

Of course, the list is not final. Many manufacturers produce several almost identical lines at once, in which good solutions are collected.

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