Best Portable Air Conditioner 2021

Air conditioners have become as popular a household appliance as electric kettles, microwave ovens, and other devices, without which it is difficult to imagine a comfortable and cozy hearth of a modern person. For obvious reasons, the assortment of the designated equipment is growing at a dynamic pace. In our ranking of the best air conditioners of 2021, we propose to consider the most popular products for users with different needs:

  1. Budget air conditioners – this category includes floor-standing, portable, and window models. They have less high performance and efficiency because they do not have external heat dissipation. There are also coolers, but it is difficult to classify them as full-fledged air conditioners;
  2. Split systems are the most popular models on the market, including two units, outdoor and indoor. They may differ in power, functionality, filtration, and other parameters. It is necessary to proceed from simple calculations, which we will talk about in the section on recommendations for choosing.
  3. Multi-split systems are premium and more powerful solutions that can be equipped with several indoor units for placement in different rooms. Such units are designed for use in large cottages, houses, and even commercial premises.


Best mobile air conditionersBallu BPAC-09 CD272.12 $
General Climate GCP-09ERC1N1312.94 $
Ballu BPAC-07 CE_17Y231.30 $
Electrolux EACM-09CG / N3353.75 $
Zanussi ZACM-09 MS / N1340.15 $
The best air conditioners and split systems for homeBallu BSVP-07HN1272.12 $
Roda RS-A12F / RU-A12F244.91 $
Ballu BSD-09HN1272.12 $
Electrolux EACS-07HG2 / N3380.97 $
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S / SRC20ZSPR-S448.99 $
The best multi-split systemsPanasonic CS / CU-BE50TKE816.35 $
Hitachi RAK-35RPC775.54 $
Samsung AR24RSFHMWQNER843.57 $
Toshiba RAS-18U2KHS-EE544.24 $
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ35VA721.11 $


This section presents portable air conditioners. We did not present any specific criteria for this collection in terms of characteristics and form factors. Instead, we have collected the most popular low-cost solutions, taking into account customer reviews and each case. There are solutions for installation in an apartment, in a small warehouse, and other types of premises. At the same time, we will try to briefly note a number of nuances and features of the devices, brief reviews of which are presented in this section.

Ballu BPAC-09 CD

Our top 15 best air conditioners are opened by the mobile model of the Ballu BPAC-09 CD series with a capacity of 2.69 kW. It is an effective tool for rooms with an area of ​​26 square meters and less. Despite the affordable cost, the device will receive a stylish design and support ventilation. The Smart function deserves special attention, with the help of which you can select the optimal blowing speed. The productivity of the device reaches 20 liters per day, which is quite enough for work in the off-season. There are 3 operating speeds available, Auto Swing blinds work autonomously, independently controlling the flows. Of the useful options, we note the presence of a timer for 24 hours, a dust filter, night mode.

General Climate GCP-09ERC1N1

If you do not know which mobile air conditioner to buy for your home, pay attention to General Climate GCP-09ERC1N. This is clearly not the most reputable manufacturer among other brands, but there are no complaints about this particular model – the reviews confirm this. The device received a powerful heat pump of 3 kW, and the heating capacity of the heating element reaches 0.97 kW. The cooling capacity reaches 2.63 kW. For the indicated cost, these are excellent indicators. The declared values ​​are enough for the maintenance of premises up to 26 “squares”. Among the useful options are the SLEEP mode, restart, ionizer, and automatic diagnostics.

Ballu BPAC-07 CE_17Y

If you are looking for a good mobile air conditioner for your apartment, you will probably like the Ballu BPAC-07 CE_17Y energy efficiency class “A” model. The main feature of this solution is the good filtration system of the STOP DUST series, which really effectively retains dust. The device easily rotates 180 degrees. It was also equipped with vertical blinds, which are able to quietly rotate 180 degrees, which indicates an even distribution of air flows throughout the room. At the same time, the power of the unit reaches 2.05 kW, which is comparable to many classic entry-class solutions. There are several useful modes of operation, including Sleep and Timer.

Electrolux EACM-09CG / N3

When looking for a portable air conditioner for home, many users have preferred the EACM-09CG / N3 series from Electrolux. This invention does not require complex installation. You do not need to overpay for installation and waste time on the connection. At the same time, the operational characteristics of this particular model are not much different from the entry-level split systems. You can use dehumidification, ventilation, cooling, automatic operation. The model is recommended for servicing premises up to 23 square meters. Useful options include a timer, a screen, sensors for detecting refrigerant leaks, and automatic cleaning. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 9000 BTU / h, which is a good indicator.

Zanussi ZACM-09 MS / N1

The best mobile air conditioner of 2021 is the Zanussi ZACM-09 MS / N1 model with a classic compressor and an average power level of 0.9 kW. Despite the modest technical characteristics, the device received a lot of positive feedback from users due to its ease of use and reliability. The indoor unit weighs no more than 24 kilograms. It should be said that the model supports cooling, ventilation, and air purification. Moreover, in the latter mode, a good level of work efficiency is achieved, which is good news. Additional options include a screen and a timer.


This category contains the best air conditioners in terms of price/quality for home use. It should be noted right away that split systems can differ among themselves not only in the “stuffing”, that is, in the quality of the compressor but also in the modes, the number, and complexity of functions. We collected different models from this point of view but paid due attention to customer reviews. We are interested in durable and sufficiently effective products that solve the problems stated in the description.

Ballu BSVP-07HN1

The Ballu BSVP-07HN1 model replenishes the rating of air conditioners for an apartment or house, the capacity of which is enough to service premises up to 20 square meters. The budget device of the Vision PRO series already has several followers, but we cannot write off this particular line due to the excellent price/quality ratio. Productivity reaches 470 m³ / hour. At the same time, there is a neat screen, attractive for a stylish design and stable operation of equipment at an ambient temperature of -7 ° C (we are talking about heating). There is an Air Flow Surround Control function that allows you to control the direction of air masses. In this way, an even distribution of cold or heat is achieved.

Roda RS-A12F / RU-A12F

Another relatively inexpensive, but good air conditioner for rooms, the area of ​​which can be 35 square meters. The device has a simple control panel and a built-in temperature sensor. The unit operates in several modes, including dehumidification, heating, cooling, ventilation. The maximum noise level, in this case, can reach 27 dB. The indoor unit weighs around 9 kilograms. The outdoor unit is noisier and weighs more. There is an anti-corrosion coating, an anti-fungal function is implemented, as well as a hidden screen and a convenient timer. Users report positively on the quality of construction, ease of use, and design.

Ballu BSD-09HN1

Definitely one of the most efficient air conditioners for home use is the Ballu BSD-09HN1 model with support for heating, dehumidification, ventilation. In our review, we have already looked at the predecessor of this series. The novelty also has a simpler control and a large list of options. There is an automatic operating mode, a timer, special operating modes, including “night” and “auto-restart”. The structure includes a small display. Cooling power reaches 2640 W, and air circulation reaches 452 m³ / h. Like its predecessor, this model attracts with its low noise level.

Electrolux EACS-07HG2 / N3

Definitely a multifunctional and reliable split system of the Electrolux EACS-07HG2 series, which attracts with stylish design and ease of use. At the same time, the innovative air purification system, which was developed by Panasonic, deserves special attention. Unlike analogs, this invention is distinguished by an extremely low noise level – 19 dB. The compressor has a 7-year warranty. The features of the split system include double-casting technology, complemented by a mirror effect. This is reflected in the stylish design of the structure. Among other things, the capacity of the air conditioner is 700 cubic meters per hour. This is more than enough to serve small apartments.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S / SRC20ZSPR-S

The best split system of 2021 is the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S air conditioner, designed for use in apartments up to 20 square meters. It is a reliable and durable Korean device with an advanced compressor. There is support for all popular modes, including heating, dehumidification, cooling, cleaning, and ventilation. According to the manufacturer, this unit can operate at record low temperatures, down to –150C. Other products cannot boast of such indicators. The anti-icing system is implemented, which prevents the formation of ice on the outdoor unit. Programming the operation of the product is extremely easy using the set timer.


This category contains powerful, premium inverter compressor air conditioners that are capable of serving larger areas. Many Korean products featured in this collection are found in the vastness of shops, cottages, and large houses. At the same time, we paid due attention to the convenience of operation and maintenance of such equipment. Do not forget to pay attention to customer reviews and functionality of inventions, which are much more expensive than classic split systems.

Panasonic CS / CU-BE50TKE

To this day, the Panasonic CS-B50TKE model with high power for servicing an area of ​​up to 50 square meters is considered to be definitely a reliable wall-mounted air conditioner. The whole set of necessary options for organizing comfortable living conditions in an apartment or house has been implemented. The air conditioner is made of expensive materials and advanced technologies. The company’s engineers paid due attention to the functionality. Pleased with the low level of energy consumption. As you can imagine, this model operates on the basis of an inverter motor. The system is adapted to work with negative temperatures, down to -15 degrees. There is a remote control for the comfortable operation of the equipment.

Hitachi RAK-35RPC

Hitachi RAK-35RPC

Definitely a comfortable and functional air conditioner (split system) of the premium class STANDARD series. The Hitachi RAK-35RPC model guarantees efficient cooling and heating, giving out a chic manufacturer. At the same time, the long service life of the inverter compressor is pleasing. The weight of the indoor unit does not even reach 10 kilograms. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty for its equipment. It should be added that this product is offered in four standard sizes. The device attracts with a low noise level (up to 20 dB), as well as a night sleep mode, and a heating function. Can be used in cottages and country houses. There is the “Information” function, with which you can display all the necessary values ​​on the screen.


One of the best air conditioners this year is Samsung AR24RSFHMWQNER, which has added its presence to the Boracay Inverter series. This collection contains split systems that delight with high efficiency when heating premises. The indoor unit is made in a stylish design that emphasizes the functionality and AI capabilities of the product. There is a remote control included. Of the useful modes, it is necessary to note automatic restart, timer for 24 hours, automatic mode, turbo mode. There is a sleep mode, with the help of which the device independently adjusts to the interests of users, while not forgetting to take care of an excellent microclimate.

Toshiba RAS-18U2KHS-EE

Another reliable split system of a well-known brand, which attracts optimal characteristics and functionality. The Toshiba RAS-18U2KHS-EE model is designed to serve premises up to 50 square meters, and thanks to its stylish design, the equipment fits perfectly into any interior. The kit contains a wireless remote control, as well as a basic filtering set. The Japanese manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty for its equipment. The noise level ranges from 33 to 43 dB. The cooling capacity is 1.64 kW and the heating capacity is 1.54 kW. The case is made of durable materials but has a modest size and weight.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ35VA

The best air conditioner of 2021 is the premium model Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ35VA, which attracts with its low energy consumption (class “A”). The device received support for the economical cooling function – this is Econo Cool. This allows significant savings, despite the relatively high initial cost. The split system has a full-size antioxidant filter that was patented by Mitsubishi Electric. This technology helps to protect the organisms of users from the negative factors of our environment, slowing down the aging process, according to the manufacturer. A timer with a setting of 12 hours is available.


Trusting only expert opinion is not always cost-effective, because everyone has their own requirements. If you don’t know how to choose an air conditioner, consider the basic parameters, and start from your goals and budget:

  1. Calculation of power – if you do not dive into the nuances such as the height of the ceilings and the number of users with equipment, it is considered the norm of 100 W for each square meter. meter. That is, for a room of 30 sq. meters are needed in the region of 3000 watts. It is desirable that the indicator be 10-15% higher than the stated one.
  2. Operating modes – even low-cost models today support cooling as well as ventilation. It is good if the heating mode is implemented, but in budget models, the indicators are extremely modest. For full-fledged work in the winter, it is necessary for the gadget to be able to support work if it is outside -20 degrees and below. There are also models with moisturizing, but not all of them meet expectations.
  3. Installation method – there are floor-standing and classic split systems. In any case, the outdoor unit should be taken outside. There is no difference in technical characteristics. Portable or mobile models are another matter, but they are less effective and relevant only in cases where there is no way to bring the split-system unit outside.
  4. Filtration – each model has a coarse filter by default. Some devices can be additionally equipped with antibacterial, thermostatic, and carbon filters. The last accessory allows you to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  5. Functions – there are many of them, just like proprietary technologies. The most useful ones are dehumidification (moisture elimination), pollution detection sensor, self-cleaning and diagnostics, automatic modes.


As practice shows, most often, the choice of a split system in a store is limited by a number of meaningless questions from a consultant, and recommendations such as Korean compressors are more reliable. Of course, there are exceptions, but many buyers have already realized that it is more expedient to choose in an online store because you can focus on reviews, ratings, read or watch reviews. When compiling the selection, we took into account all the factors indicated. If you do not know which air conditioner to buy, you can pay attention to our conclusion and see the analyzes of these models on the network:

  1. Best Multi-Split System – Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ35VA;
  2. Inexpensive, but good mobile air conditioner – Zanussi ZACM-09 MS / N1;
  3. Good air conditioner for an apartment – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S;
  4. Functional, premium split system – Hitachi RAK-35RPC;
  5. The most reliable inverter air conditioner is Toshiba RAS-18U2KHS-EE.
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