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If a few decades ago, the choice of such a technique was carried out according to the principle of “take what is”, today there are vacuum cleaners on sale for general, cosmetic, and even wet cleaning. The models differ in power supply, form factor, garbage bag type, and other parameters. Our ranking of the best vacuum cleaners of 2021 contains the brightest representatives of different classes, which can be divided into the following types:

  1. Manual or portable – used to solve highly specialized tasks. For example, there are compact household models for removing garbage in hard-to-reach places, as well as furniture models that can be additionally equipped with a UV lamp to destroy dust mites and disinfect bed linen. Another subspecies of this class are car vacuum cleaners, which can work both from a cigarette lighter and from a battery.
  2. Vertical – the most modern and specific type of technology, which must be chosen with great vigilance. They differ in the type of power supply, as well as in the area of ​​application. They are used mainly in apartments, as they save free space (the design is implemented in the form of a mop at the end of which there is a motor unit and a filter for collecting garbage). Network models have a fairly high suction power, although they are inferior to classic solutions. Cordless or stick vacuum cleaners rarely last more than 30 minutes, making them difficult to use for general cleaning. It is even more carefully to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning since the overwhelming number of such inventions do not know how to clean carpets, they operate at strictly one angle of inclination. At the same time, effective models are several times more expensive than their analogs.
  3. Robot vacuum cleaners are the most functional and automated solutions for cleaning residential and commercial premises. As you understand, such products cost much more than simple classic solutions and even vertical counterparts.
  4. Washing vacuum cleaners – allow for both dry and wet cleaning, therefore they have larger dimensions. This segment of technology produces few brands.

By the type of filtration, the following types of vacuum cleaners are distinguished:

  1. Bag – the most popular, classic solutions that are used for dry cleaning (collecting dust, wool, other types of dirt);
  2. With aqua filter – equipped with a special water filter that allows you to suck in air with dust and dirt and store them in water. Further, the debris settles at the bottom of such a filter, which simplifies cleaning, and contributes to further purification of the air that passes through the filtration system;
  3. Cyclonic – the most convenient models from the point of view of the operation. The bottom line is that under the influence of air masses, the garbage is constantly in motion in a spiral, as a result of which the container is cleaned in one movement, after which the pollution falls in one fell swoop into the dustbin.


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This section contains budget vacuum cleaners for household use, collected based on customer reviews. As you can imagine, we are considering classic devices that operate on the network and only support dry cleaning. The disadvantages of such solutions, as a rule, include high noise levels, inexpensive accessories, few modes, and budget filtration systems. Nevertheless, some manufacturers are trying to conquer their target audience with a more comprehensive list of options compared to others. We tried to collect those.

Home Element HE-VC-1808

The top 20 vacuum cleaners for household use are opened by the Home Element HE-VC-1808 series, equipped with a cyclone filter. At the same time, the volume of the waste container is 2000 milliliters, which is a decent indicator for this price category. There is a fine filter (HEPA), as well as an indication. With the help of the latter, you can always check the filling level of the dust container. Considering the cost of the product, the design quality, maneuverability and service life of the vacuum cleaner can be noted. Among the shortcomings, we note a high noise level, a relatively weightless reputation of the manufacturer.

Galaxy GL6257

If you have not yet decided which budget vacuum cleaner to buy for your home, we recommend that you pay attention to the Galaxy GL6257 with an actual power of 300 watts and a large 2-liter dust collector. The power adjustment is provided, which is located on the body. The device looks very solid and attracts high-quality construction. The complete set includes three nozzles at once, including combined, slotted, and dust. It is worth noting the good quality of the telescopic tube, as well as strong wheels that guarantee maneuverability in work. Of the flaws, a not too long network cable can be noted – only 3.5 meters.

Mystery MVC-1124

Another practical, but inexpensive vacuum cleaner with cyclonic filtration, which has a fairly wide scope of operation. The Mystery MVC-1124 model is great for dry cleaning a wide variety of smooth surfaces, including linoleum, baseboards, wood, and more. However, there is enough power for carpets too. The advantages of the unit include ease of cleaning the container, a reliable telescopic tube with a simple adjustment, and the presence of a HEPA filter. Judging by customer reviews, the device effectively enough retains and traps dust microparticles, as well as small allergens.

Samsung SC4140

The best inexpensive vacuum cleaner of 2021 for cleaning apartments and houses is the Samsung SC4140 model, which has a 1500W power plant. At the same time, the volume of the dust collector reaches 3 liters, which is an excellent indicator for this price. The capacity is enough to fulfill the task several times in the apartment. The suction power reaches a peak of 320 W, which will not seem small for general cleaning. The kit includes a brush for upholstered furniture, but unfortunately, there is no turbo brush. A good indication of the filling level of the bag pleases me.


In these products, the turbo brush, motor and waste container are in a vertical plane, which explains the name of the vertical vacuum cleaners. Due to the indicated single design, such solutions attract with their compact size, which is convenient for storage in small apartments. At the same time, modern, powerful models of this class do an excellent job with general cleaning of large areas, open spaces. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and the ability to disassemble some vertical 2-in-1 models, users do not have any difficulties with solving tasks in hard-to-reach places. It is worth saying that there are networked wireless vacuum cleaners that have a higher power level, but they are less maneuverable and convenient, and still less efficient than their classic counterparts, so we do not consider them.

KARCHER VC 4s Cordless Plus

The premium wireless 2-in-1 model of the Karcher VC 4s Cordless series replenishes the rating of vacuum cleaners in 2021. The product has a well-thought-out design, which is reflected in the ergonomics and low weight of the model. Due to the difference in cables, the scope of the product is significantly higher than that of alternative devices. The positive aspects of the invention include a powerful brushless motor with support for a multi-cyclone system. A modern filter of the HEPA-12 series is used. The suction force reaches 15,000 Pa. Ease of use is guaranteed by the large electric floor nozzle. In economic mode, this device can operate on a single charge for 1 hour. This is quite enough even for major cleaning. It is worth noting the presence of accessories for upholstered furniture, there is a crevice nozzle.

Bosch BCS611AM

This is the smallest cordless vacuum cleaner in the Bosch Unlimited range. The model of the BCS611AM series attracts with its stylish white design, lightweight, and high level of ease of use. Thanks to the Power for ALL system, the device supports a long battery life from a single charge. Good cleaning performance is guaranteed by the PowerBrush series turbo brush, which perfectly solves household tasks on various types of floor coverings, including carpets. Good performance is due to the use of a modern brushless unit called DigitalSpin. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner embodies German quality, is made in accordance with the leading standards and has passed a lot of tests. The kit includes an additional battery for continuous cleaning. It’s comfortable.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute series is a premium cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. The unit effectively solves problems on soft as well as hard surfaces. It is worth noting the ergonomic design, as well as the high quality of the equipment design. The operating time on a single charge is 60 minutes. I am pleased with a convenient container designed to collect dust and small debris. It comes with an excellent filter. The main advantages of this unit include a well-thought-out design. There is a removable aluminum tube that can be detached to quickly tidy up the corners. Another advantage is the simple power adjustment. There is a docking station that can be plugged into the mains to restore charging (this takes about 3.5 hours).

KARCHER VC 5 Cordless

The best cordless vacuum cleaner of 2021 is the KARCHER VC 5 Cordless, equipped with a powerful 18V lithium-ion battery. At maximum power, the battery can be charged for 40 minutes of battery life. It is worth noting that the vacuum cleaner has a well-thought-out ergonomic design, thanks to which it is easy to clean even in hard-to-reach areas of an apartment or house. It is worth emphasizing the presence of a patented technology that involves the use of three telescopes. There is a switchable Kärcher floor nozzle and a powerful engine that does not leave any emissions during operation. The advantages of a vacuum cleaner include an advanced filter system with built-in cleaning (no bags). The flask can be removed very easily, which means safe and quick emptying of the waste container.


This category contains models for dry and wet cleaning. Such devices can be made in a classic form factor, but there are also vertical counterparts. The second model, as practice shows, have less high performance, but they have more ergonomic dimensions. Taking into account the needs of different users, in this section of our publication, we have made a selection of different types of washing vacuum cleaners. They differ not only in terms of price, form, and efficiency but also in the number of containers, functions and other parameters.

Thomas drybox amfibia

There is no reason to doubt that Thomas is the leader in cleaning vacuum cleaners. This is confirmed by the model of the DryBox Amfibia series with a maximum power of 1700 watts. The device received a fairly high-quality HEPA filter, as well as smooth power control using Touch Tronic technology. The advantages of Thomas DryBox Amfibia include support for an innovative system for fractional separation of fine waste called DryBox. High efficiency in work is also due to the support of the Aqua-Box water filter, which is included in the kit. Dry dressing and washing make it possible to achieve high levels of cleanliness not only in domestic conditions.

Clever & Clean HV-450

If you are looking for a good cordless vacuum cleaner, we recommend checking out the HV-450 series from Clever & Clean. This model has a suction power of 350 W and is positioned as an excellent tool for removing debris and dirt from laminate and parquet flooring. The model operates on the basis of a new generation inverter motor, which indicates a good level of reliability and functionality. Has an advanced removable handle, which allows you to quickly transform this device into a handheld vacuum cleaner, thereby increasing the scope of technology. The quality of the turbo brush deserves special attention. It should be noted that the device supports 4 modes of operation, including the removal of dust mites. The battery life reaches 45 minutes.

Thomas allergy & family

According to many experts and professionals, the Thomas Allergy & Family model is one of the best cleaning vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers. This is due to the support of leading technologies from the brand, as well as a good level of efficiency. The power of this unit is 1700 watts. At the same time, the model received the THOMAS WET-JET SYSTEM technology – a patented air purification system from pollution. In addition, there is a high-quality HEPA filter that attracts with long service life and a dust removal efficiency of 99.9 percent. The volume of the waste container is 6 liters. It should be noted that the unit is suitable for cleaning large areas, it can collect coarse and large construction waste, which significantly increases its scope of operation.


The best washing vacuum cleaner of 2021 is the LG A9MASTER2X model, which attracts high performance, equipment, and proprietary technologies. The premium device received a high-quality washing attachment, and two batteries at once. It is worth noting the support of three options for placing the docking station at once, one-touch control is provided. From customer reviews, it can be understood that the unit has thoughtful details, including a telescopic tube. It is worth noting the support of the vacuum technology AEROSCIENCE ™ ¹, which argues for the effective cleaning of debris due to the powerful currents of air masses inside. The engine of the LG Inverter Motor² series speaks of high performance and long service life of this equipment.


One of the most popular filters on the market is the aqua filter. This system works according to the following principle: air with impurities is sucked in, they fall into a container with water and settle at the bottom. Further, the purified air under the influence of powerful air masses is filtered and gets outside. The result is effective cleaning, air humidification, and a high level of savings in terms of the fact that you do not have to constantly change bags. Among the shortcomings, we can note the need for thorough cleaning of the filter, high noise level.

Shivaki SVC 1748

Considering good vacuum cleaners without a bag, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the Shivaki SVC 1748 model exists, which received an excellent HEPA filter with a capacity of 3800 milliliters. The strengths of this device include a good package bundle, as well as an affordable price tag. The vacuum cleaner has a nozzle for upholstered furniture, carpets, there is a crevice brush for cleaning bookshelves and other hard-to-reach places. The power consumption is 1800 W. Adjustment of performance is available, which is located on the body. The length of the network cable is 6 meters. The support for automatic cable retraction pleases.

ARNICA Damla Plus

Another high-quality vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter for the home is the ARNICA Damla Plus model, which effectively collects dust. This is partly due to the support of the DWS filtration system. The system does an excellent job of eliminating dust. In the work, you can use various flavors to improve the microclimate. It should be noted that this model has an efficient air blowing function and is recommended for allergy sufferers. Even when filled, the unit weighs a little compared to competitors and has maneuverability. Only the high level of noise in the work strains. In part, these inconveniences are compensated by good equipment. Users respond positively to the furniture nozzle with the high-quality and durable soft pile.

Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

This is far from a new model, but definitely one of the best for allergy sufferers. At the same time, the Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter series vacuum cleaner has a wide range of applications – there is a nozzle for furniture, carpet cleaning, vehicle interiors. The unit produces good power, which is enough to service even large areas. It is important to emphasize that this technique was developed specifically for people who suffer from allergies, which directly indicates the high class of the filtration system. It keeps pet hair, dust, and even pollen out. At the same time, we are pleased with the excellent quality of the case, the relatively low noise level. Of the flaws, we can only note the fact that the unit appeared long before many other alternatives in our rating.

Bosch BWD41720

The best Aquafilter Vacuum Cleaner of 2021 is the Bosch BWD41720, which attracts with its high efficiency and build quality. The power of the power plant is 1700 W, which is enough even to collect spilled liquid. At the same time, the noise level reaches 80 dB, which is not a comforting indicator. The advantages include a large waste container for 2.5 liters and an aqua filter for 5 liters. There is a separate container for the detergent, the volume of which is 1.7 liters. As you can imagine, this device is also suitable for wet cleaning. The high position of this model in our list is due to the support of HEPA-H10, which is really effective in removing dirt and allergens. At the same time, the length of the network cable is 6 meters, which argues for an amazing range of action paired with a well-thought-out design – about 9 meters.


Cyclonic models have a number of advantages over analogs, which are manifested in low noise level, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of maintenance. Among other things, this technique attracts with an effective suction force that does not “jump” during operation. The good news is that you do not need to manually empty the containers – you just need to open the container and all the contents will fall down. Despite the absence of bags, the cost of such units is acceptable, which is easily explained by the growing competition.

Samsung VCC885HH3R / P

Another high-quality compact vacuum cleaner with a cyclone container, the capacity of which is 1.3 liters. Obviously not an ideal volume, but the Samsung VCC885HH3R / P model is designed to serve small territories. A high-quality microfilter is used, which perfectly fulfills its tasks even over time. As you can imagine, there are no problems with cleaning the container. This is done with just one click. Airflow adjustment has been implemented. As you can imagine, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the equipment, as well as the reputation of the South Korean manufacturer.

Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14

One of the most efficient cyclone vacuum cleaners, according to experts, this year is the Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14 model, which attracts a good price/quality ratio and a high level of ease of use. As you can imagine, this device is great for dry cleaning various carpets and floor coverings. The strong points of the product include a capacious 2-liter container, as well as an advanced fine filter. Multi-cyclone technology means cleaning with one-hand movement. In addition to ease of use, the technique attracts with its high-quality design and stylish appearance.

KARCHER VC 3 Premium

Another reliable model from one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world. This time we are talking about a device with support for the multi-cyclone system from the premium segment. The power of this unit is 700 W, which is enough to work even with rough carpets. The suction power is quite high, as evidenced by customer comments. At the same time, the KARCHER VC 3 Premium attracts with its excellent filtration system. As a fine filter, HEPA-13 is used, capable of capturing up to 99.95% of fine particles. Not ideal for allergy sufferers, but still excellent at handling unwanted pollen in the air. Another significant advantage is the low noise level.

Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert

The best cyclone vacuum cleaner of 2021 is the Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert model, which attracts with the support of PowerCyclone technology and the presence of a high-quality HEPA-13 series filter, which is able to capture up to 99.95% of small impurities in the air. Another advantage of the technology is a well-thought-out storage compartment for attachments directly in the body. There is a great parquet brush included. Now, with regard to the technical characteristics. It should be noted right away that the model is not the quietest, but this compensates for the suction power of 470 watts. The volume of the dust container is 2000 milliliters. The structure weighs less than 6 kilograms.


It should be emphasized right away that we are considering the main parameters and not the specifics of the selection of each individual device. If you do not know how to choose a vacuum cleaner, first decide on the type of product, based on the tasks and financial capabilities. As for the main characteristics:

Power consumption. This is the maximum consumption, not the nominal value. Please note that this characteristic does not always indicate efficiency, but the higher the numbers, the more energy is consumed. As for performance …

Suction power. This is an actual value that directly indicates performance. It should be noted here that many manufacturers in the description of their vacuum cleaners prefer to indicate the consumed rather than the rated power – be careful. The suction efficiency is expressed in Pascals (Pa). And here it is necessary to understand that if for a robot vacuum cleaner the optimal value varies in the range from 1500 to 3000 Pa, then even for manual models the value can exceed 20,000 Pa. Hence, many depend on the type of vacuum cleaner.

Dust container volume. Another parameter that directly depends on the type of technique. It is more appropriate to proceed from your needs. So, for example, for a city apartment, there is enough capacity with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters. If the family has pets, then more is desirable.

The volume of the water tank. As you can imagine, in this case, we are talking about the choice of vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning. The volume again depends on the number of family members and the frequency of cleaning. It is more important than the possibility of adding water without turning off the device is realized. As a rule, even the largest models have a small water container. Some are additionally equipped with a reservoir for detergents, and this negatively affects ergonomics.

Power regulation. Obviously, different cleaning power is required for cleaning delicate objects and rough carpets. It’s good when you can adjust it. In modern vacuum cleaners, the regulators can be located on the body and on the handle, depending on the design. The second option is more common in vertical models, and it is clearly more convenient. Another useful option is a soft start, which protects the motor from unwanted loads.

Filtration system. We will not dive into all modifications and varieties of components. To note only that the most important in such a system is a fine filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing), capable of capturing microparticles with a size of 0.1 to 0.3 microns. The efficiency depends on the class of the HEPA filter:

  1. HEPA 10 – up to 85 percent;
  2. HEPA 11 – up to 95 percent;
  3. HEPA 12 – up to 99.5 percent;
  4. HEPA 13 – up to 99.95 percent;
  5. HEPA 14 – up to 99.9 percent.

It is good if the technology of self-cleaning of the HEPA filter is implemented, which allows you to cope with the task by just shaking the component without washing and drying.

Types of attachments. Again, we are not talking about specific models of vacuum cleaners for cleaning furniture, for example, which can be equipped with disinfecting lamps and other non-typical accessories. Basic attachments include:

  1. Combined – the most common and necessary nozzle for floors and carpet. The scope of application and cleaning efficiency depends on the quality of the implementation of the retractable brush;
  2. Crevice – designed for cleaning garbage in hard-to-reach places, when the usual nozzle does not allow you to get there;
  3. Dusty – suitable for removing small debris from the table, shelves, paintings, and other decorative elements of the interior;
  4. For upholstered furniture – used for cleaning mattresses, car seats, furniture.

Noise level . The minimum varies in the range from 40 to 50 dB, average up to 60 dB. The noisiest vacuum cleaners can deliver up to 90 dB or more. Believe me, the latest units create discomfort in work. Especially if there are children or pets in the family.


We are well aware that not every user has enough desire or time to study in detail the reviews of all models. With this in mind, in conclusion, we propose to summarize for those buyers who have not yet decided which vacuum cleaner to buy in 2021:

  1. Good budget vacuum cleaner – Samsung SC4140;
  2. Excellent vertical model for wet cleaning – Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone Soft Brush;
  3. A reliable vacuum cleaner with cyclone dust collector – Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert;
  4. The best cordless model for the home – KARCHER VC 5 Cordless;
  5. A good vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is Bosch BWD41720.

Don’t forget to express your opinion to make it easier for other users to make their choice.

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