Blue Oyster Restaurant Denver

Blue Oyster Restaurant Denver

Some of the best restaurants are in unexpected locations. There are no flashing signs, crowds or gawkers when you step inside the Blue Oyster Bar & Grill, located on West 11th Avenue just southwest of downtown Denver. The restaurant is set up for business people to come in and get a quick lunch. It’s perfect for that but the food is also good enough that it deserves to be enjoyed slowly, savored with time to appreciate all that has gone into each plate.


Blue Oyster was founded by Patrick Mulcahy who opened his first place in Boulder where he still has one location plus another under construction right now. He named this second spot after his dad’s favorite band, The Blues Brothers. I’m not much for talk in a review but the name reminded me of every good thing that has gone into this place. It’s all about family, community and enjoying each other’s company over some really tasty food like the Buffalo Wings with blue cheese dressing (10 wings for $6). There are burgers, sandwiches, salads and more throughout the menu done well enough to make you want to come back again. The Oyster Bar makes it easy to treat yourself or your date to something special without spending too much money.

Blue Oyster was named Best Fish Tacos in Westword Magazine last year. They won’t be winning any awards for their website which describes what you can expect if you visit them by saying “The Blue Oyster is an unpretentious casual American restaurant that aspires to greatness as a neighborhood favorite with global appeal.” The place is great and has been ever since it opened in 1993. It’s not glitzy but if you’re looking for a good meal, drop by. You’ll probably find the people who run it are some of the nicest you’ll meet. They should be treated well because they deserve it.

Blue Oyster Bar & Grill / 1039 West 11th Avenue / Denver, CO 80204 / 303-477-1004

Hours: 8am to close Mon – Fri; 9am – close Sat & Sun / Blue Oyster Bar & Grill on Facebook

Blue Oyster Restaurant Denver [ARTICLE END]

I wasn’t able to find a website or Facebook page for this restaurant. If anyone knows anything, feel free to comment below! Also, if you’re visiting from my blog and have an experience at any of these places that you’d like to share, please let me know as well! Thanks again everyone and cheers! – Snacktaku

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The Sticky Rice Roll. Click to embiggen. Over time I’ve realized that my snacking style has evolved from “I wonder what this tastes like?” to “Oh god why am I eating so many of these things?” This is fine for most people but as an adult male who works in front of a computer all day every day it’s probably not the healthiest way to live. My New Year’s resolution was supposed to be about exercising more and getting back into shape but have you seen Popeye lately? Dude eats spinach and lives on a ship.

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