Car Accident Lawyer San Fernando Valley

Harmed in an auto collision? Contact the San Fernando auto crash lawyers at M.R. Parker Law, PC.

We’re focused on getting you the monetary pay you’re qualified for lost wages, clinical costs, property harm, agony, and enduring, and cash-based costs.

To improve the probability of a positive result, our firm methodologies each case as though it’ll get preliminary. this proposes we explore the fender bender. We talk with witnesses. We assemble proof that demonstrates the contrary driver was blameworthy.

Our San Fernando car crash lawyers have the experience and aptitude to deal with even the first muddled cases. A few of our lawyers have recently worked for monster insurance agencies. this proposes we as a whole skill these organizations work. They focus on their primary concern over yours. this is regularly why we will not settle your case under any circumstance yet its full worth. we’ll not stop for a second to require your case to court in the event that we feel a protection firm isn’t treating you reasonably. In conclusion, there’s no expense until we get cash for you!



Hardly things are as alarming in light of the fact that the sound of an auto collision. Car accidents don’t simply wreck vehicles, they wreck lives, as well. in not more than seconds, unexpectedly, life can end or be everlastingly adjusted during a genuine auto collision. Also, there’s a drawn-out street ahead for survivors.

At the point when you’ve been harmed in a car wreck, the last thing you might want is additional pressure given what you’ve currently gifted. You’re now beaten up and taking care of wounds, experiencing difficulty finishing everyday exercises, and dealing with the deficiency of your vehicle. Then, at that point, you have the hospital expenses stacking up and lost pay, missed time at work intensifying things considerably more.

The enthusiastic pain is regularly startling. Nervousness, misery, trouble resting, bad dreams and memory or fixation issues wear at you. In case you’re not prepared to get back to figure and supply for yourself or your family, which will leave you feeling unfulfilled and lacking reason.

On the off chance that you can’t move okay on account of wounds supported inside the mishap, that lost freedom and independence can have you truly feel like you’ve turned into a problem to loved ones helping you through this trial.

Unnecessary to specify, this is regularly a genuinely trying time in somebody’s life. One you shouldn’t leave inside the hands of an agent at a protection firm. Not without somebody on your side. Somebody like us.


Try not to allow a vehicle to wreck endanger your future and put your funds in harm’s way. Regardless of whether you were involved during a genuine fender bender or a little minor collision, contact our car crash attorneys in San Fernando today at (818) 334-5711.


M.R. Parker Law has gone through years effectively battling for the privileges of car crash casualties. Also, we’ve won A LOT! Getting great meriting individuals – those influenced by another person’s carelessness – the remuneration they merit. Try not to let insurance agencies walk wherever you by persuading you that your case merits everything except it’s.


The protection firm isn’t your companion. Certainly, the showcasing trademarks suggest, “Similar to a legitimate neighbor” or “You’re in Good Hands” yet insurance agencies care the principal about their main concern. they seem to record you out a quick check for a sum that sounds reasonable yet is well-beneath the amount you genuinely merit.

They’re not worried about getting you a settlement that is adequately adequate to purchase your recuperation and misfortunes. They’re looking to rather cushion their own edge of benefit . They’re hoping to settle your case as fast as could be expected, and dispense as little as could be expected, before you’re utilized with a fender bender legal advisor who will get you a lot greater settlement.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t pleasant protection agents. There are numerous honestly decent individuals inside the protection business. Just never neglect to focus on the very truth they’re NOT on your side, paying little mind to how decent they’re. They’re not working for you. WE ARE!

In case you’ve been harmed during a fender bender, you totally should ask an obsessive car collision attorney straightforwardly. The more you hold off, the more impeding it’s to your case.

At the point when a protection firm requests your assertion of occasions, they’re dismantling your reactions for words they will use against you. They’ll endeavor to cause it to appear as though you’ve conceded a state of issue for the mishap. Something to legitimize any low ball settlement they give. this is regularly why you might want our lawful exhortation BEFORE you give them any assertion.

We offer a FREE case survey and anybody that strolls through our entryways is dealt with like family. The proficient and experienced San Fernando car crash lawyers at M.R. Parker Law, PC will protect you from influencing the protection firm while getting you the total pay you’re qualified for. we might want you to represent considerable authority in your recuperation, not your monetary concerns or a to and fro quarreling with the protection firm .

We can utilize our territorial associations to the interface you to auto body shops, vehicle sales centers, specialists and alignment specialists, rental vehicle suppliers, and so forth Anything we will do to frame your life a touch simpler during this point . Also, once more, we work on an expense , which recommends we don’t bring in cash until we get cash for you!

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