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Coronavirus: Free testing is probably going to finish in October

In the context of the vaccination offer, the abolition of free trials is acceptable, consistent with the draft decision of the Intergovernmental Conference. Pressure on the unvaccinated could increase.

According to the media in possession of the draft intergovernmental decision, “the long-term takeover, by the federal, so by the taxpayer, of the prices for all tests isn’t advisable.” The position is justified by the very fact that within the meantime all citizens are often vaccinated, with the required doses. That’s why the federal will end free trial offers. there’s no concrete date in this regard. within the project it’s written only “starting with x October 2021”, and this may be established later.

According to an equivalent project, the tests will remain free for people that can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons or for whom the doctor doesn’t recommend getting vaccinated. These are mainly pregnant women also as children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Free trials have made a crucial contribution to disrupting the third wave of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic in Germany, the paper said.

Unvaccinated people risk restrictions in social life

In general, the federal and regional governments want to extend pressure on unvaccinated people. Already in August, the so-called 3G rule will inherit force, which not allows access to several areas of social life apart from those that are vaccinated, healed, or tested.

Those who aren’t vaccinated and haven’t recently recovered from Covid’s disease will have access to hospitals, nursing homes, shows, concerts, religious services, fitness rooms, hotels, closed-end restaurants, and care services. only on the idea of a negative test. during this context, the rapid test can’t be older than 24 hours, and therefore the PCR test can’t be older than 48 hours.

The federal states are going to be ready to suspend 3G restrictions in whole or part if the incidence remains low and “an increase in incidence isn’t expected as a result of the suspension of restrictions”, the draft decision also states.

Basic protection measures for the whole population remain effective, including physical distance and wearing a mask in commercial spaces and on conveyance. Every four weeks it’ll be checked whether these measures are still required, it’s laid out in the document.

In Germany, the incidence of infections increases slightly

At the federal level, the typical incidence of the latest coronavirus infections has increased significantly, reaching 23.5 cases per 100,000 population during a week. consistent with the Koch Institute, 2480 new infections and 19 coronavirus-related deaths occurred within 24 hours. One week ago, the typical incidence was 17.90.

The conference, which is attended by Chancellor Angela Merkel and therefore the prime ministers of the federal states, also will discuss aid to regions suffering from the devastating floods of July.

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