David Dobrik Net Worth 2021

David Dobrik and his vlogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The former Vine star’s started making daily video blogs on Youtube last year, and the public response has been nothing but positive ever since. If you don’t know who David Dobrik is, we can take a guess that he isn’t exactly your cup of tea considering his videos which range from being funny to slightly awkward have amassed nearly 2.5 million followers in just a few months time. And one reason could be that he hasn’t been shy about giving out money advice as well as engaging in debates with other Youtubers on a wide variety of topics.

David Dobrik Net Worth 2017 – $400 Thousand

In addition to being known for those things, it’s no secret that Dobrik has a lot of money to his name. How much, you ask? Well…

David Dobrik Net Worth 2017 – $400 Thousand

While his exact net worth isn’t readily known, there are several factors that suggest how much he could be worth. In November 2016, David launched a crowdfunding campaign for his first vlogging camera as well as for those who wanted to support him. By April 2017, David had been able to raise over $150 thousand from fans and supporters alike just by depicting the kind of footage he can take with a high-end camera such as the one he raised funds for. Since then, it’s likely Dobrik’s net worth has risen even further considering how many people have been drawn in by his daily vlogging.

In addition to showcasing hilarious, if slightly cringeworthy moments from his personal life with friends and family, David Dobrik has been outspoken on a multitude of topics ranging from politics to even religion. In one video which is gaining more popularity by the day, the Youtube star talks about how he believes everyone should be open-minded when it comes to debating different issues including those which might not be popular like gay marriage or abortion. David goes on further to say “…whatever you believe in your heart doesn’t make you right or wrong”. If anything, this could explain why so many people are drawn to his videos considering how compassionate (and sometimes smart-assy) Dobrik can be about various hot button issues that are popular online.

David Dobrik has expressed interest in being an actor in the future, but for now, he seems to have no problems keeping his daily Youtube schedule running smoothly, so it’s likely you’ll see even more of him in the near future. One thing’s for sure…you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of David Dobrik here at Celebrity Net Worth!

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