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What gamers need IMMEDIATELY!!!

The only thing better than gaming is more gaming…

Okay, I’ll stop yelling, but seriously. If you’ve got games that are just sitting around on your shelf taunting you with their uselessness, this is the perfect opportunity to unload them and get some sweet DLC in return!

Until June 30th, 2013 game on the disc can be traded in at participating U.S. GameStop stores for $50 of rsums off any new game purchase of $100 or more (excluding hardware). Just bring your games into our store along with one of our friendly associates and they will hand you a pre-paid receipt to complete the trade-in process. Easy as 1-2-3 (that’s 1 trade-in, 2 receipts, 3 awesome DLC).

Just to be clear. This is not a buy one get one free deal, but rather just allowing gamers the chance to save some money on their next game purchase. The newly released E3 2013 games are hot in demand and you can get ahead of the curve with these savings!

If your wallet cannot handle any more heat, then check out our trade offers to see what else we have in store for gamers who are looking for something less fiery. You’ll also find that once you get done trading in games it’s hard to stop spending all your extra cash because there are so many other cool things to spend it on…

Oh, wait this isn’t Monopoly Money.

Well, maybe one more game.

You can thank me later if your eyes are still working. There is a regular customer at the shop I work at who used to bring in games all the time, but now won’t because he’s afraid we will reject them and not pay him anything. He has like 20 copies of Madden for PS2 and Xbox combined, and another 40-something copy of Madden for PS3 and Xbox combined (he lives in a house with 8 other dudes). At least he brought them in this time though. He was trying to trade in 5-year-old games that had been opened already (with no manual) for $15 each! This is why we do-trade ins by appointment only.

Article Starts:

So, I noticed that there was a little bit of confusion surrounding the new buy one get one free deal at Gamestop. After speaking with my manager I have been assured that it is in fact a legit deal. You have to buy two full-price games, not just any 2 used or pre-owned games. So if you go in and only bring in 2 games to trade in for $25 each you would be out of luck. Your total purchase must be close to $50 before tax so doesn’t think you’ll be able to get away with paying $40 because your total will actually come out to about $42.50 after tax…which is still a pretty good deal by itself! However, if you go in and purchase 3 full price new games (so $150) and still only want to use 2 as trade-in’s like some smart alec said on here, they will make you buy the 3rd one at full price. This is how it works:

You would have to show them your RR receipt from doing 3 trade-ins before this offer takes place so they know you are eligible for the deal. Let’s say you do this with 3 copies of Assassins Creed 3. You would buy Assassins Creed, Assassins Creed 2, and Assassins Creed Revelations all separately for $59.96 each or a total of about $180 after tax. Then when you get home instead of just opening up the first game box, take out the UPC code and take it to your closest store. Keep the receipts for all 3 games because you’re going to need them, then go back into the store with all 3 UPCs and that receipt. The associates will scan the three UPC’s together which will bring that total up to about $150. Then they will ask if you want each game individually scanned to make sure it goes through. Say yes, do not skip this step or it won’t work!

Each individual game purchase should appear on one line of your receipt as “Assassins Creed –$59.96“. You would choose this option for each separate game you bought before doing the trade-in transactions so everything equals out in the end and no managers have to get involved. Now of course you could just buy 2 Assassins Creeds and save yourself one trip, but if you planning on buying a ton of games anyway it doesn’t really matter to me how many trips you make as long as the deal goes through properly.

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