LG Washing Machine Review

LG Washing Machine Review

LG washing machines are among the best technologically and functionally on our market. And even more so before buying, you need to know in advance what each function means and what it is used for. We will try to explain this and present you with a choice of the best LG washing machines that customers have already fully appreciated.

The simple acronym LG hides one of the largest manufacturers in the world, the LG Group, based in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. It was founded in 1947 when Ku In-Hwoi decided to found the group’s first company, Lak-Hui, commonly referred to as Lucky.

Lucky Goldstar, or LG for short, is the group’s current name. Almost every one of us knows this manufacturer for various household devices for the home and not only. Household appliances with which the company entered the world market are represented by washing machines, which stand out for their technological sophistication and innovation.

Features Of  LG Washing Machines

As for LG washing machines, they can be conditionally divided into three categories – washing machines with a steam function (which includes a steam wash program to sterilize laundry from allergens), 2-in-1 washer-dryers, and special narrow washing machines, which shallow depth and therefore suitable even in small bathrooms.

Most of these washing machines are class A with very low power consumption, usually with fourteen programs (with NFC Tag On, allowing you to download and add more through your mobile phone) and high speed.

There are also machines with a steam wash function and an improved TrueSteam program. You get a high wash temperature that sanitizes the laundry and at the same time helps to reduce the need for ironing.

Also interesting is the TurboWash function, thanks to which LG washing machines wash with significant savings in time, water, and energy.

The drum features 6 Motion DD technology, which offers you six different drum movements depending on the installed engine power.

Top Best LG Washing Machines

LG washing machines are distinguished by high quality, long service life, the latest technology, guarantee of efficient washing with minimal noise and low consumption. Each individual model is distinguished by its elegant design and large doors, thanks to which we can completely fill the entire drum with maximum comfort.

Washing Machine And Dryer LG AIDD F4V5TG0W

  • installation: freestanding
  • WxDxH: 60 × 56×85 cm
  • additional loading of linen: through the main hatch
  • loading: 8 kg
  • drying: by time
  • spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • energy class: A
  • protection: against leaks
  • washing class: A
  • spin class: A
  • control: electronic

A multifunctional washing machine LG F4V5TG0W will become an indispensable assistant in any home and will cope with the most difficult tasks. With 16 programs, including baby clothes, cotton, bedding, wool, and more, you can complete your wash in just a few hours. And in order not to waste your time on constant cleaning of the drum, there is an automatic cleaning after each wash.

Use the display and touchscreen control panel to adjust the settings you want. Washing machine LG F4V5TG0W has child protection, which makes this model even more practical and safer to use.

Long service life is guaranteed by modern technology, high-quality materials, and professional assembly.


Washing Machine And Dryer LG F1496ADS3

  • installation: freestanding
  • WxDxH: 60 × 55×85 cm
  • loading: 8 kg
  • spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • control: electronic

Front washing machine LG F1496ADS3 will delight its owners with high speed and excellent washing quality, the ability to select the desired mode in accordance with the type of fabric. It is made of durable material in an ergonomic design and classic white color.

When spinning, the speed reaches 1400 rpm, which allows you to quickly complete the procedure for cleaning the laundry. The design provides for a removable cover. The digital color display in the Russian language provides the ability to quickly understand a wide range of functions and programs. The drum can hold up to 8 kg of clothing.

The LG F1496ADS3 washing machine is equipped with a wide range of protective options, including protection against leaks, childproof lock, foam control, and others. A start-up delay is provided, which can be up to 19 hours. Water consumption and energy consumption are low, which characterizes the equipment as efficient and economical.

Washing Machine LG F-4M5TS6W

  • installation: freestanding
  • WxDxH: 60 × 56×85 cm
  • loading: 8 kg
  • spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • energy class: A
  • washing class: A
  • spin class: A
  • control: electronic

Narrow washing machine STEAM F4M5TS6W with steam function is a convenient, practical, economical model. It is ideal for a large family and can be installed in a small room.

The advantages and the presence of a variety of functions justify the cost. The glossy texture is easy to clean, although many think that the color is quite easily soiled. The loading hatch body is black, diameter 35 cm. The doors open 1500 and close effortlessly, simply and easily.

The drum in the machine is made of stainless steel with a bubble coating for a gentle and efficient wash. There is a load detector, which is a few seconds (makes several rotations without water) determines the amount of dry laundry and, depending on this, makes a calculation for economical consumption of electricity, selects the power, intensity, and time of washing.

Tag On (NFC for smartphones) technology allows smartphones to be used to monitor and control the device. Even without touching the washing machine, through the phone and a special application, you can set the operating mode, control its condition, time and temperature.

The modern and convenient Smart Diagnosis function allows you to save time and track breakdowns or errors and not take the washing machine to a technical support center or to a foreman. It is enough to bring the phone to the device, and errors will be reflected on the smartphone.

Washing Machine LG F1096SDS0

  • installation: freestanding
  • WxDxH: 60 × 36×85 cm
  • loading: 4 kg
  • spin speed: 1000 rpm
  • energy class: A
  • washing class: A
  • spin class: B
  • control: electronic

The leader of the rating among inexpensive washing machines from LG is the LG F1096SDS0 model. It has an inverter motor with a direct drive system and is also supplemented with the latest features.

Despite the low cost, the washing machine is equipped with new technology Steam, as well as “6 movements of care” and the possibility of mobile diagnostics. Steam is a steam system designed for the three cycles Baby Clothes, Hypoallergenic, Cotton + Steam. This feature is very useful for those with sensitive skin. This model is super slim – 36 cm deep.

Electronic control unit with digital display. In addition to the three modes with Steam technology, there are 10 more standard modes for different types of fabric. Customers appreciate the high quality of washing with such a small size, quietness of washing, low consumption of electricity and water.

Washing Machine LG F4WV710P0E

  • Accommodation type: freestanding
  • Filling method: Front
  • Washing machine maximum load: 10.5 kg
  • Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Energy class: А
  • Spin noise: 72 dB
  • Number of programs: 14

The LG F4WV710P0E is a smart washing machine that will be appreciated by a large family not only for its capacity, thanks to which you can wash up to 10.5 kg of laundry. For example, the washing machine has an Inverter Direct Drive motor, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to ten years, an intelligent washing system AI DD (LG ThinQ app + Wi-Fi connection), as well as practical features such as Steam washing and the ability to add laundry to washing time.

This unit will also please with its dimensions, thanks to which it fits comfortably into an ordinary bathroom (height 85 cm, width 60 cm, depth 56.5 cm – in our comparison, this is a washing machine with the smallest depth).

The drum can reach an optimal speed of 1400 rpm and is classified as category B in terms of spin efficiency, so the subsequent drying of the laundry will not take long.

In terms of energy and water consumption, the LG F4WV710P0E washing machine is classified in energy-saving category A, with an energy consumption of 61 kWh per 100 cycles and water consumption of 53 liters per cycle (which is slightly more than others, but this washing machine has the largest capacity of all, therefore slightly increased water consumption is normal).

Rotating noise? 72 dB, which is the lowest (necessary) level among the compared models of washing machines.


The Functionality OF LG Washing Machines

If the LG brand can do something, then this also applies to washing machines. For example, LG washing machines are equipped with LG Steam technology, which is able to eliminate 99.9% of all allergens, including dust mites, which can cause not only unwanted allergies but also very unpleasant breathing problems. Allergens undergo so-called disinfection, then dissolve and permanently remove.

Another interesting program is Baby Steam Care, which will take care of the most thorough washing of any baby clothes, which will be completely free of stains. The heat is strongly influenced by the heat of the steam, thanks to which the laundry not only gets rid of stains but also of all dirt even before the start of the wash cycle.

TrueSteam technology takes just 20 minutes and clothes lose creases, odors disappear and fibers are cleaned to their full depth. The mode is very gentle on our skin because no conditioner is needed to soften clothes. On the contrary, it uses only steam, which has a positive effect on the substance itself and its structure.

Among the most interesting LG washing machines are three types: TrueSteam, 6 motion, and Turbowash. Each group has something different, but all three have something to offer. TrueSteam washing machines are powered by a steam function that can do wonders for your laundry.

It not only improves the washing process itself but can also be used as part of the Refresh program, which can cool the laundry and refresh it perfectly. Allergens are removed, making them an ideal choice for an allergy sufferer or a small child at home.

In contrast, washing machines with 6 Motion technology are characterized by the use of six specific drum motions, such as free fall, cleaning, or even rolling motion, thanks to the Direct Drive inverter motor, which is mounted directly on the drum of the washing machine.

There is no risk of friction, much less vibration, and noise, and the risk of damage to some internal parts of the appliance is completely minimized. The manufacturer guarantees a direct warranty of up to 10 years for Direct Drive motors, which increases the efficiency of the washing process.

The latest Turbowash washing machines are the perfect choice for those who are energy conscious and want to save some money. These models are capable of washing an entire load of laundry in just 59 minutes. As a result, you use up to 15% less energy, but you also need 40% less water, which is also a big saving.

The principle of such a washing machine is a combination of direct washing of the laundry using the jet spray function and the technology of 6 movements, that is, six specific movements of the drum. Thus, water penetrates much better into the depths of the fibers, so the wash becomes much more efficient and the laundry is perfectly clean.

Among other interesting technologies and functions, it is worth mentioning Fuzzy Logic, this technology will take care of the entire batch of laundry and accordingly adjust the required amount of water and the duration of the wash cycle, all depending on the weight of the drum. load.

Of course, the “Add laundry” function, if we have forgotten something and we need to add it to the drum, we will take the opportunity to pause the wash cycle. The Medic Rince function is suitable for allergy sufferers and for washing baby clothes. This is a specific rinsing of laundry at a temperature of 40 ° C. The aim is to effectively remove all residual detergent.

And like most manufacturers, LG washing machines can also be connected to a smartphone and controlled remotely. You can playfully update the program menu, find out what kind of malfunction occurred in the washing machine, and so on. Works in the same way as other models of smart washing machines.


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