Lunar Journey Leads to a New World Episode 11

The premiere of the new anime Moon Travel Leads to a New World took place in early July 2021. For some viewers, this anime reminds of the TV series I Got Reincarnated as a Slime .

Most of the fans of the project praised the series for its dynamic plot and interesting characters, but some argued that the main character was poorly developed. You can share your impressions in the comments.


What do you think about this project? Is he worthy to continue?

With each new series of the project, the number of fans only increases. All of them are eager to find out the further development of the plot.

When will Episode 11 of the anime Lunar Journey Lead to a New World?

The release date of Episode 11 of the anime Lunar Journey will lead to a new world is scheduled for September 15, 2021. With Russian voice acting, the series will appear a little later.

Information about the project

  1. The original title of the series is Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
  2. Alternative Title – Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
  3. Premiere year: 2021
  4. Anime genre: adventure, fantasy
  5. Project type: TV
  6. How many episodes: 12+ (25 min.)
  7. Series Director: Ishihira Shinji
  8. Description of the storyline

The main character of this anime is high school student Makoto Misumi, who dreamed of dizzying adventures. Once he was very lucky, as the god Tsukuyomi summoned him to the fantasy world.

Here the guy was assigned the role of a real hero. True, in the new world, not everyone was happy with the appearance of a new hero. Some representatives of money and government were not happy with the appearance of Makoto, because they saw in him a dangerous competitor. One of these detractors was a local goddess.

The news about the new world, joyful at first glance for the guy, in fact turned out to be a real test. He struggles to think about what to do next. Our hero, with great enthusiasm, begins to learn about the still incomprehensible world.

Lunar Journey Leads to a New World – Episode Schedule

Batch numberNamerelease date
1×06Series 6August 11, 2021
1×07Series 7August 18, 2021
1×08Episode 8August 25, 2021
1×09Episode 9September 1, 2021
1×10Episode 10September 8, 2021
1×11Series 11September 15, 2021



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