Micah Beals George Floyd

Micah Beals George Floyd

That’s what they tell you to say when someone asks how you are, but that’s not always the truth. Sometimes it’s better to just give a quick g’bye and go back into your house without giving any details because, simply put, some things can’t be said out loud. Ever thought about suicide? Well I have; I don’t want them to think of me as nuts or on drugs or reckless or anything like that (though yes I am all of those). Right now what is really killing me is this girl Ruthie. And she won’t even answer her phone when I call. Now, let me make something clear before you start thinking that this is a love story. She’s not the reason I’m doing this. In fact, she was as surprised as everyone else when she heard about it through the grapevine at school because I hadn’t talked to her. The thing is…I have no reason to live anymore! Ruthie changed and so have I- for better or worse? No one knows that except me and people who read this after I’m gone because if you’re reading this then yes it has happened and if you’re going to save me then don’t bother! Now let me explain what was wrong with Ruthie.

End quote.

“Micah-” “Mom?!” Micah threw away all her writing utensils and ran out of the room towards the kitchen. “I thought you were at the library today.” “I was, I came back early when I saw your note. You know that I don’t think-Micah what are these?”


“Notes? Notes for what? What is this about Ruthie and why are you trying to kill yourself?!”

Now in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious by now Micah’s mom had no idea her daughter was depressed. And she also probably still doesn’t know if only because Micah couldn’t bring herself to say anything else after that outburst leaving her mother with no other choice but to go up stairs wondering just what exactly had gone wrong in her daughter’s life.

Micah sighed and started to walk after her…

Words: 744 Labels: short stories no comments » Labels: micah beals george floyd Friday, May 9th, 2008 8:46 pm – The Experience After a stressful day at school because of multiple periods of migraines I finally make it home and slip into my pajamas. I’m watching TV when all of a sudden the headache gets very intense and sends me to my room to lay down. After I lie down for a few minutes the pain is so excruciating that it wakes me up, but only just long enough for me to feel completely strange-like I’m being pulled out of body or something has possessed my body because it just feels wrong. Then the headache comes back with a vengeance and leaves me unconscious once again. Now this next part happened in “real” time, if you want to call it that, but from what I’ve been told by several people whom have experienced astral projection is that this all happens within seconds if not milliseconds so I apologize in advance if it seems like the timeline is off. For the next year or two my life is over; all I can remember are flashes of places and times that don’t mean anything to me since they’re not mine, but they seem pretty important! It’s like watching TV with someone else’s life (boring!).

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