Microsoft says support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025

Microsoft to Stop Supporting Windows 10 by 2025. Microsoft has revealed when it’ll put Windows 10 bent pasture. it’ll stop support for the present OS on October 14th, 2025. meaning Microsoft expects the transition to a subsequent version of Windows, which it’ll boast on June 24th, to require around four years.

The company quietly announced the news during a support page update, as spotted by Thurrott. Previously, the page noted when Microsoft would end support surely versions of Windows 10. It now states Microsoft started supporting Windows 10 Home and Pro on July 29th, 2015, and divulges the operating system’s “retirement date.” The end-of-support timeline puts the Windows 10 lifecycle at a hair over 10 years, almost like previous iterations of the OS.

As for what we’re expecting from Windows 11 (or whatever it’s called), there’ll probably be a redesign, including a revamped Windows Store. Microsoft recently canceled Windows 10X, which was initially getting to be for dual-screen devices. It said it might bring some features planned for that OS into the quality version of Windows. Perhaps that’ll make it easier for manufacturers and developers to support dual-screen devices without having to figure out a separate version of Windows.

Microsoft has dropped many hints that it’s able to launch a replacement version of Windows over the last month approximately. Just last week, the corporate teased us all with an 11-minute video of Windows startup sounds. Plus, Microsoft is holding an enormous Windows event to reveal the “next generation” of the OS next week. Even the invite for that event, which obviously starts at 11 AM ET, suggests Windows 11 is that the name.

In closing, Microsft remains regularly supporting Windows 10 immediately, with the “extended support phase” coming at some point. Extended support is when the corporate will stop adding new features and only offer maintenance and security patches. We expect that to start out before later because the 2025 date grows near.

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