Roblox: All Murder Mystery 2 Codes [2021]

MM2 Value List – Roblox Murder Mystery 2 List

Murder Secret 2 is a computer game created by Nikilis on the Roblox customized video gaming platform. The game is greatly based upon Garry’s Mod custom-made setting called Murder. Murder Enigma 2 is a crooked horror video game in which (approximately) 10 Innocents must assist the Sheriff to discover who is awesome.

The sheriff has one goal: to shield the Innocents while they discover the identification of the awesome. The Constable appears with a weapon that they can use to protect the innocent. Nonetheless, if the constable is caught by the awesome or incorrectly kills an innocent, they will kick. They will then drop a weapon that any innocent can get, potentially taking on the role of a Hero. The Sheriff receives XP (experience factors) for successfully eliminating the Assassin, multiplied by the number of innocents he successfully defends in the process.

Unlike the Constable, the innocent are mainly undefended, but play a crucial duty in the gameplay. They are totally unarmed and also therefore can not harm various other gamers. Rather, they need to walk trying to witness murders, find bodies, and utilize proof to develop who the killer is. If the sheriff passes away, any innocent individual can pick up weapons to secure themselves. If they take care of eliminating the Assassin, they will certainly become the “Heroes” of the round. Innocents gain experience for finishing a match, the quantity of experience obtained increases relying on the quantity of time during which they survived, on just how full their bags of coins are and also where they are or not, become the Hero of the round.

Ultimately, the assassin appears with a blade with one function: to kill all innocents as well as the constable without being uncovered and also prior to time runs out. Their experience will certainly boost depending upon their success in this task.

There are 3 various methods to play Murder Mystery 2 and also the user can switch them any time. The casual Video game is the classic version of Murder Mystery 2 in which the Assassin, Sheriff as well as Innocents play the same video game together. Toys, radio as well as electrical energy are allowed in the Informal video game mode. Assassin is an alternative video game mode in which everyone has a knife and also needs to hunt down their target in a large group video game. Kill your opponent before you kill on your own, with no powers. Finally, the “Hardcore” setting resembles typical, but without any items, toys, parks, and also radios. Everyone is secured first individual model and also gets disguised at the beginning of the game. It is similar to the typical mode, however incredibly hard.


Working Murder Mystery 2 Codes

There are currently no promo codes available for Murder Mystery 2. When we add them, be sure to activate them as soon as possible, as these codes don’t last forever!

Expired Murder Mystery 2 Codes

These are all codes that have recently become unavailable, which means that the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-bound and expired:

COMB4T2Combat II knife
PR1SMPrism knife
AL3XAlex Knife
C0RLCorl knife
D3NISDenis Knife
SK3TCHSketch knife
SUB0Additional knife
INF3CT3DInfected Knife
G003YGoo knife
R3PT1L3Reptile knife
SK00LSkool Knife
PATR1CKPatrick Knife
20152015 Knife
G1FT3DGifted knife
N30NNeon knife

Just how to use Murder Secret 2 codes

Compensatory Murder Secret 2 coupon codes is extremely easy. When you open up the video game Murder Enigma 2, most likely to the hall as well as press the supply switch. Take a look at the bottom right of the display and you will certainly see an “EnterCode” input field with a redemption button below it.

Click the input area classified “EnterCode” and also get in among the active codes received this list. Make certain to take note of when letters are utilized as well as when not, promo codes are instance sensitive as well as include both letters and also numbers. Press enter and also enjoy new in-game cosmetics as well as presents. If the code stands, the switch will transform blue and you will understand that it worked.

Just how to use Murder Mystery 2 promotion items

There are three kinds of money in Murder Secret 2: coins, diamonds, as well as tricks. The simplest ones – referred to as “coins” – are collected by players when they play one of lots of cards. Nonetheless, players can collect a maximum of 40 coins per match (or 50 if they have an Elite Gamepass). Coins can be utilized to purchase cages (with aesthetic skins inside), impacts, and also pet dogs.

Coins are the least reliable method of collecting new products. Diamonds are an additional type of in-game currency that can be bought from the store using Robux. They have substantially much more buying power than coins and can be used to purchase cages and various other things in the shop, such as radios, emotes, and also cryptic keys. Finally, some things are specifically available to players that shop with rubies, which means that even if you’ve invested a lot of time collecting coins, you can still drag the others.

List of Roblox Discount Codes completely free Things and also Cosmetics
Ultimately, secrets can be purchased for 125 rubies or transferred from player to gamer. They can be used to get crates in the store. There are 12 boxes in total, consisting of 3 tool boxes, 6 blade boxes, 1 rainbow box, as well as 2 enigma boxes. On top of that, each box has an exceptionally small (less than 1%) opportunity of obtaining a rainbow variation of their tool known as “Godlies”.

This is why promotional products are so crucial. You can spend 1000 coins (or 40 suits minimum), 125 diamonds or one key on a crate, or you can trade a few of the glossy coupon codes from this listing. The enjoyable part in Murder Secret 2 is personalizing your character as you improve your abilities. You can work hard or wind up spending genuine money on in-game cosmetics, or you can stay ahead of the competition utilizing Murder Mystery 2 promotion codes.

Murder Enigma 2 Strategy & Tips

Unlike various other video games, marketing codes alone can not give you a step forward in Roblox Murder Secret 2. Rather, they are mainly cosmetic in nature. This indicates you need to hone your method if you intend to stay ahead of the class. Given that Enigma Mystery 2 is an asymmetrical scary video game, the objectives (as well as normally the hints and methods) will vary depending upon what role you are given at the start of the match.


It’s simple to obtain caught in the function of the Assassin, particularly if you are brand-new to Secret 2. For that reason, it is good to have a method prior to beginning the game. Below are some basic ideas and tricks to get you started.

Make sure you identify the constable immediately, they are your primary enemy as an assassin. Do not neglect to hide the knife, pull it out too early – a trifling vengeance. When you eliminate the sheriff, camp around the cannon. Lastly, do not fail to remember that the assassin also has access to throwing knives. Just right-click as well as you’ll throw a projectile that includes incredible flexibility to your playstyle.

To get maximum benefit over the Sheriff and the Innocents, any successful Assassin will make the most of the correct Strength advantage. Powers, formerly known as Benefits, are unique properties that can be made use of to provide an assassin distinct capacities and also power-ups. Capacities consist of: ability to track footprints, capability to throw blades much faster, knife noiselessness, run 50% faster for a short period, ability to make a knife kill like a shot, ability to run 10% faster while holding a knife, ability to set traps, capability become invisible for 5 seconds and the capacity to translucent wall surfaces. These Powers can be incredibly useful when made use of appropriately, so it’s not tough to focus accumulating coins on protecting your perk.


As an innocent individual, you might seem like a sitting duck. You have no tools as well as you can not kill others. Rather, you have 3 major goals: survive, recognize the killer, and also collect as many coins as possible. However, to do this easily, there are a few ideas and tricks to keep in mind.

First, discover and also remain close to the constable if you can. The assassin recognizes that it would certainly be helpful for them to kill the constable initially, so after finding the constable, you have a possibility to pick up his gun for an opportunity to eliminate the assassin.

Second, don’t hesitate to camp – even if you get a stick for it from other participants of the community. Locating a safe place to conceal as well as view is just one of minority methods to restrict your vulnerability to gunfire as well as/ or stab injuries.

Lastly, keep an eye on the chat window and do not be afraid to let your allies know if you have a theory. You might simply aid the constable discover who the awesome really is.


Lastly, as a sheriff, you should prepare to be the # 1 Assassin’s target as quickly as you reveal on your own. As a result, at the start of the video game, you have to be as cunning as possible – remember, no one will certainly know that you are the sheriff until you get your weapon. If this is your method, make sure to keep an eye out for scanners – they can inform the Assassin that you have a weapon, even if you are hiding it.

Second of all, it is eventually a detective, so make sure to take notes to much better comprehend who the killer is.

Finally, remember to keep an eye on how various other gamers are acting. Watch out for various other gamers on the other methods on this listing – this can aid you establish that is innocent and also that is the awesome.

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