Ninja Net Worth

Ninja Net Worth 2021

  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Date of Birth: Jun 5, 1991 (30 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Live streamer, YouTuber
  • Nationality: American

Ninjas have a strong relationship with Japan and its people. There is something about the culture of the land that draws some mysterious power from these warriors, who have long been associated with espionage, assassination, and destruction. It’s difficult to say what makes ninjas so interesting for us today considering their relevance has faded into history. Yet they still capture our imagination in books, movies, television shows, and computer games. In this article, we take a look at how much you could expect to earn if you become a ninja.

Ninja origin theories

In ancient China, there was a sect of wandering mercenary soldiers called Shih-ni-shi. The original meaning of the word ‘shinobi’ is not known however it may be linked to a time when the Japanese language distinguished between different types of foot soldiers. The ‘shinobi’ were skilled in infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. They used weapons such as hand grenades originally imported from China. During the Edo period, these men became spies for hire who would take on the identities of priests, beggars, or entertainers to gather information about enemy territory before using deadly force to complete their missions.

Ninjas saw action during Japan’s civil wars

It is thought that ninja organizations started developing at the end of the 15th century when hired mercenaries began appearing across Japan. Ninja operators took on a variety of roles including infantry, guardsmen, and even commanders. However, their primary task was espionage against enemy fortifications with activities taking place both inside fortifications and in enemy territory. They would conduct surveillance, carry out assassinations, and use explosives to create diversions for the benefit of friendly troops. Their skills were often needed in times of peace and war and they became a valuable asset to lords looking to expand their territory.

Ninjas seen as peaceful spies

The image we have today which focuses on destruction is born more from fiction than fact. The modern ‘stealth’ ninja is most likely based on the mysterious abilities attributed by villagers to ninjas coming across the Iga-Koga border during Japan’s civil wars between 1467-1573 AD. In reality, ninjas were not bloodthirsty killers but rather master spies who took great care to complete any mission assigned while preserving his or their cover at all costs. Likewise, their use of disguises was not meant to enable them to kill or destroy but rather operate undetected by the enemy.

Ninjas were skilled with many weapons

While ninjas are typically associated with the sword and the art of invisibility, they were actually quite well versed in other weaponry including chain & sickle, bow, spear, and halberd among others. Their stealthy nature also allowed them to take advantage of natural opportunities such as using trees for scaling walls or setting traps that could trigger when an enemy approached. This multi-level strategy enabled ninjas to gain access into nearly any fortification at will which gave them a unique edge over attacking armies unable to gain entry. Ninjas were also known for their use of explosives with a variety of chemicals used to create diversions, smoke screens, and even bombs among other things.

The truth about ninja pay

Just how much ninjas were paid is not known for certain however it is clear from historical records that they were given their own set of tools including torches for night activities, bamboo spears, sickles, and bell hammers which they could use to scale castle walls without being heard. In time many became experts in using these tools thus earning a higher salary than most soldiers in samurai armies. This additional salary helped keep them loyal to the lords who employed them although sometimes only after the lord placed his daughter in the ninja’s care as insurance against betrayal!

Ninja pay scale

It was a well-known fact that ninja use would work for any lord who could afford their salary. The pay scale is said to have been very similar to that of the samurai but with the added provision that ninjas received an allowance for tools which could include throwing stars, smoke bombs, and other items used in sabotage. They were also given bonuses when they completed particularly difficult missions successfully although this was rare as most ninjas never failed at any task assigned or died trying.

Ninjas were motivated by rewards

As well as payment, some lords offered other incentives such as fiefs (land) once a certain number of successful missions had been completed. Ninja salaries were actually quite high especially considering the reward after completing a certain number of missions often came directly from an enemy territory where it appeared as if the ninjas had been resupplied. For this reason, ninjas were always hungry for work and worked to please since failure meant loss of income which was unacceptable.

The ninja’s law of loyalty

Being hired as a spy was not without its risks however as a ninja could be killed during the course of their mission or even afterward for reasons that we may never fully understand. One such example is said to have occurred in 1581 AD when the lord who employed the ninja demanded 70 heads from each squad involved in a raid on rival territory which resulted in an unfortunate number of deaths among his own men and those loyal to other lords. The conditions surrounding ninja contracts were very strict however there was one unwritten rule – once given a task,

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