Stimulus Check 4 Expected Date Direct Deposit

Monica Rivera, A Citizen Of Tuscon.

I was in the process of filing my taxes when I saw that I had received a stimulus check for $1250 from President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party. Outraged, I called the number printed on the bottom of this check to inquire about what they were thinking giving me money under such false pretenses when I owe thousands to both federal and state government agencies. After waiting three hours on hold I was finally able to speak with someone at Stimulus Check Exposed, a division of Legal Outsourcing Unlimited LLC.

Speaking with an accountant who identifies himself only as Jeremy at Stimulus Check Exposed he explained: “The stimulus checks that we have sent out designed to be confusing so that people will actually read the fine print and realize that they have to pay these stimulus checks back. We are a government-run organization, so it doesn’t matter who wins the election this November we’ll be able to continue running our scam undisturbed.”

When I asked Jeremy why his company prints Obama’s name on the bottom of false stimulus checks he explained: “Our company is currently being investigated by many agencies including Congress and the FTC. We’re paying for advertising with what little money we have left after printing these checks which is why we need your help getting out the word about Stimulus Check Exposed.”

According to Jeremy, there are a number of ways you can help expose Stimulus Check Exposed:

1) Post a link on your Facebook wall for this article

2) Tweet about Stimulus Check Exposed on Twitter and use the hashtag #stimcheckexposed

3) Call into radio shows and talk about how you got a stimulus check and realized that it was a hoax

4) Email your friends and family with a link to this article

5) If you’re in Tuscon Arizona picket outside of Legal Outsourcing Unlimited LLC at 1434 W. Anklam Rd. between 9 am-4 pm M-F. For further information call (520) 623-3567 or visit

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