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Pleasant-looking morning with mostly shady skies and lightweight ENE exchanges filling 15-20+mph by early within the day. Little Craft Adv. for Moloka’i channel to Big Is.

North shores down on the NNW however new small N beginning to show. The town likewise facilitating little South to SSE; holding little normal exchange growth. Call 596-SURF: 7a, early afternoon, and 5p (recap-figure).

North Shore:

Down and Dropping little 9 sec NNW + Rising Slow 15 sec N. Surfs pack up until now. Nightfall and Rocky’s are 0-1.5′ very occ 2′ (generally knee-abdomen high). Line/Backdoor are Flat. Chuns for the foremost part level w/occ 1.5′; Laniakea generally 0-1.5′ w/an occ 2′ just in case you’re patient; Haleiwa is for the foremost part 0-1′ under dissipated broken mists.


Down and Dropping 9 sec NNW follow + the 13 sec South. Makaha is basically spotless with quiet to light Trades with moderate speeds late AM. 0-1.5′ perhaps an occ 2′ on the combo tops under dissipated mists.


Down and dropping 13sec South-SSE. Waikiki is spotless w/light to direct offshores filling. Surfs 0-1.5′ perhaps frail 2′ for Queens, Canoes then on Top reefs: Kaisers-Rockpiles to Ala Moana to Kewalos are perfect w/1 occ 2′ possibly a + at the best positions under somewhat shady skies.

Photograph graciousness of Eric Tessmer

Precious stone Head:

Down and dropping 13sec South with some SSE blend. Surf’s semi-clean for this w/light to direct side seaward exchanges yet it’ll be passed up 10 am and breaking 1-2′ occ + (knee-abdomen occ chest high) on the drops under mostly overcast skies.


Down and Holding 13-sec S-SSE + some exchange wrap. Semi-uneven, especially on the reefs, w/moderate side shore exchanges. Extremely conflicting on the S grow, under mostly overcast skies.

East Makapu’u:

Down and Holding 6 sec ENE exchange enlarge + some exceptionally minor N wrap. Light to direct ENE exchanges. Surf’s generally a rough 1-2′, possibly an occ. set outside on left by the stones, however for the foremost part within the Bay; Keiki corner is 1-1.5′ possibly 2′ under broken mists.


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