The 6 Best 4k TVs – Summer 2021

The 6 Best 4k TVs – Summer 2021

Even 5-7 years ago, it was difficult to believe that the dominance of Full HD would press another format. While 4K TVs were considered an exotic experiment, 8K is now on sale. Moreover, the collapse in prices for 4K screens has led to the fact that today it is already perceived as a standard. However, we do not recommend buying TVs with this resolution if the screen size is less than 40 inches. For a simple reason – you will not be able to assess the quality of the picture. This time, let’s take a look at the ranking of the best 4K TVs of 2020 from 43 to 80 inches, given the fundamental principles of choosing such a technique. First, let’s figure out the classification of such a technique:

  1. By matrix type – there are OLED, QLED, IPS and TN TVs with 4K support. The first variant is still the leader in the premium segment, as it guarantees good viewing angles and better blacks. QLED-matrices (quantum dots) also belong to the flagship class. However, LCD panels of this type are considered to be more durable, but they perform worse with blacks. If there is no budget for the premium segment, you should pay attention to IPS. The latter format (TN) is no longer relevant today even for the budget segment.
  2. By screen size, it can be conditionally divided into three classes: from 43 to 49 (budget segment), from 49 to 55 (mid-price) and from 55 to 80 inches (premium). On sale you can find TVs with 32 inches, but they do not meet the expectations of buyers. This rule also applies to 3D and curved screens. The larger the size, the more rational the “extra buns” are. On small screens, you simply won’t be able to appreciate these benefits.


This category contains models of the budget segment. We do not see any reason to buy a small device with 3D support or with a curved display for the kitchen, since you will not notice a tangible difference when viewing a picture from a few meters from the hob: even if it supports innovative technologies or personifies the classics. At the same time, even inexpensive TVs from 43 to 49 inches can support HDR and a basic set of Smart TV functions at a price of up to 30-40 thousand rubles. Undoubtedly, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba and BBK are the leaders in this category.

The top 4K TVs are opened by the model Xiaomi Mi TV 4S with a diagonal of 43 “. The device operates under Google Android TV, aimed at modern users. At the same time, the manufacturer offered a loyal price tag and a fairly stylish design. The downside is that the model has a ten-kilogram design. Good sound is guaranteed by ten-watt stereo speakers supporting Dolby Audio technology.The screen is built on the basis of an LCD matrix with bright LED-backlighting. Naturally, HDR support is implemented. Based on customer comments, it is rather difficult to find an analogue for such a price, this is not an ideal TV, but given the company’s pricing policy this is a decent device.


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LG 43UM7450 43

Another good 43-inch 4K TV came from LG this year. We are talking about the 43UM7450 model, which supports Google Assistant and many other applications. The choice of a smart assistant is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and depends on the region and language of the target audience. The model works on the basis of an IPS-matrix with a gorgeous Direct LED backlight. This matrix has a wide viewing angle, but the refresh rate is only 50 Hz. However, this is enough for working with dynamic shots. It should be added that the device attracts with a wide range of tuners, including DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S2.

Samsung UE43RU7200U 43

Another inexpensive but good Ultra HD TV. Thanks to PurColor technology, each user can fully immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen. The model attracts with good saturation, clarity and brightness. The body of the device is thin, there are practically no frames. This suggests that the model will fit into any interior design. Another undoubted advantage is support for HDR 10+ technology, which is responsible for optimal lighting settings: scenes are never too dark or overexposed. An excellent Smart TV operating system from Samsung opens access to the “virtual world”. You can only find fault with the power of the speakers.

Sony KD-49XG8096 48.5

Traditionally, on the list of the best 4K TVs, there should be at least one model from this manufacturer. Sony from year to year produces really decent, but quite expensive solutions. This is confirmed by the 49-inch model KD-49XG8096, which attracts with stylish design and powerful X-Reality PRO graphics processor. The advantages of the novelty include a number of sound “buns”, including Clear Phase technology, S-Force Front, and ClearAudio +. The sound is really rich, clean. The display is based on an LCD matrix with bright LED backlighting. In addition, the device has a wide viewing angle, but not the best color reproduction along with competitors with OLED matrices.

Samsung QE49Q60RAU

The best 49-inch 4K TV for 2020 is the QLED-powered Samsung QE49Q60RAU. The display produces up to a billion shades of color, due to the matrix on quantum dots. Color reproduction is truly incredible regardless of the brightness level. Also noteworthy is the powerful Quantum 4K2 processor, which perfectly interacts with AI technology. Among the variety of options, I would like to note the interesting Ambient3 mode, which allows you to turn the black screen of a switched off TV into an element of interior design. Quantum HDR technology, in turn, analyzes the picture and selects the optimal contrast, clarity and color reproduction to meet the needs of each user.


In this segment, there are mid-budget models based on IPS and QLED screens. The choice of the matrix depends directly on your financial capabilities and the location of the equipment. The price can range from $ 500 to $ 1,500. While collecting models in this category, we also paid due attention to color depth and dynamic range. Models of this class are considered the most common due to the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Hyundai H-LED50EU7001

If you are interested in a good 4K TV, we suggest paying attention to the Hyundai H-LED50EU7001 model with a good level of functionality and stylish design. The model received a truly premium look with almost invisible bezels. Another advantage is the wide viewing angle, optimal contrast level. The support of HDR technology is encouraging, which really works, as it reaches a high level of brightness. Hyundai Multimedia deserves special attention: there is music, photos, videos, temperature display and much more. Judging by the comments in the comments, the high definition of the picture pleases. The average resolution of this TV is 4000 x 2000 pixels. In fact, this is the standard of four Full HD.

Samsung UE-50TU8000

In our top 4K TVs, the Samsung UE-50TU8000 model also deserves attention, which received an IPS matrix with good LED backlighting. The representative of the middle price category has support for online content, fits perfectly into the interior design of any room, and has good sound quality. In addition to the frameless design and large speakers, a good technical component and functionality is implemented. The responsiveness and “Ambient” decorative mode allow this model to effectively stand out from the competition. Among the implemented technologies, it is possible to note support for HDR, as well as the game mode of the Game Enhancer. It is worth adding that there is a Crystal Display.

LG 55UM7300 55

Replenishes the rating of 55 “TVs with 4K model LG 55UM7300, equipped with an anti-glare screen and excellent multimedia. Users positively comment on SMART TV due to the support of a good collection of free content. Also noteworthy is a convenient browser, LAN and Wi-Fi module of the latest generation. Implemented support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa depending on the region of sale.There are a total of three HDMI connectors. Even the inexperienced customer can handle installation on the wall, due to the support for VESA mount. coasters.

Philips 55PUS6503

Another crisp 4K TV from Philips, the 55PUS6503 with a 55-inch display, literally broke into the race of leaders this year. This device is created using Ultra Resolution technology, which indicates an increased level of clarity and brightness. At the same time, the picture is as smooth as possible with a really high level of detail. The model supports the extended HDR Plus level. Separately, the high quality of the SAPHI operating system can be noted. Actually, all Philips Smart TVs are very convenient and interesting. In particular, users praise the simple menu, large main icons, which can be called up with one click. All popular apps are implemented, including YouTube as well as Netflix.

LG OLED55C9P 54.6 “

The best 55-inch 4K TV in 2020, according to the editorial board, is the OLED55C9P. We cannot say that we are a supporter of this brand, but in this segment, given the price / quality ratio, it clearly deserves attention. This time we are talking about a model with support for OLED-matrix, as well as support for HDR technology (extended range of gradations). Implemented embedded software, SMART-TV, integrated into the webOS operating system. Another indisputable advantage in this case is a powerful speaker system, which produces a sound of 40 watts. The Sound Surround function guarantees excellent quality.


The premium segment contains models based on OLED matrices. There is no longer a fundamental difference in terms of color depth, HDR and frame rate. The auxiliary parameters are important, including sound, Smart TV and “extra buns”. There can be no longer any question of price / quality ratio. Accordingly, the most worthy models at the time of this writing are described below. We tried to collect the most “high-spirited”, functional and original models, surprising not only with their price tag, but also with unique technologies. On the subject of the latter, it can be noted that each brand has its own achievements in the field of creating 4K TVs. Therefore, it is necessary to compare, watch reviews and read customer reviews.

LG OLED65C9P 64.5 “

When considering which 65-inch 4K TV to buy, consider the LG OLED65C9P. After the presentation at CES 2019, many were interested in the roll-to-roll TV, but it turned out to be too expensive to manufacture. As a result, the event was postponed only to the second half of the year. Fortunately, the manufacturer still managed to launch it into mass sales. The advantages of this device include color gamut, color rendering, brightness and contrast levels. The construction attracts with unmatched design and excellent build quality.

Panasonic TX-65GZR1000 65 “

In the segment of flagship 65-inch TVs with 4K resolution, the TX-65GZR1000 from Panasonic looks very solid. Already from the name it is clear that the device works on the basis of an OLED matrix. The device guarantees excellent color reproduction, in particular black. It is also impossible to find fault with the quality of picture detailing. Another nice bonus is Dolby Atmos technology, which allows you to create a cinema atmosphere in your home. The device operates on the basis of the HCX PRO processor. Fast and easy transfer of content is guaranteed by the support of Bluetooth Audio Link, which allows you to connect to any audio device.

Sony KD-65XG9505 64.5 “

In search of a flagship large 4K TV, many users have opted for the Sony KD-65XG9505. The 65-inch device has an anti-glare display. Powered by Android TV OS. Users comment positively on the functionality of the browser, LAN and Wi-FI. The case includes four HDMI ports. Mounts 30 by 30 centimeters of VESA type provide for installation of the device not only on the wall, but also on the floor. The following TV tuners are supported: terrestrial, satellite. A rather powerful X1 Ultimate processor is responsible for image processing. The advantages include a striking design and excellent build quality.


For lovers of the South Korean manufacturer, our list includes the 77-inch LG OLED77C9P. As you can imagine, the device operates on an OLED matrix. The device supports SMART TV, digital and analog tuner. The speaker power is 20 watts. The downside is that the power consumption is 665 W. This affects energy consumption. Includes a stylish stand and VESA mounts. The weight of the structure together with the stand is 35.5 kilograms. Contrast, brightness and clear picture are of impeccable quality. Also, the advantages of this unit are the response time and excellent black transmission – better than those of analogs with IPS matrices.

Samsung QE75Q77RAU

The best 4K TV in 2020 if you’re on a budget is the up to 80-inch model from Samsung called the QE75Q77RAU with a QLED matrix. This unit has a really amazing contrast, which appears when watching dynamic scenes, football matches, etc. HDR2 technology deserves special attention, improving brightness. The model is powered by a quantum 4k processor. Another plus is the Direct Full Array backlighting. Based on customer comments, the model allows you to enjoy the smallest details. The characteristics are enough to get a new gaming experience and watch content like in a movie theater. You can’t find fault with the quality and power of the audio system either.


If you are confused about how to choose a 4K TV, then when comparing different models, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Color Depth – Compared to Full HD, 4K TVs increase color depth to at least 10 bits per channel. This indicates the ability to display over 1 billion RGB colors. Accordingly, support for HDR dynamic range is achieved. The higher the value, the greater the number of color gradations, including subtle shades of highlights and shadows;
  2. HDR – dynamic range characteristics are laid down in a certain standard. It determines the color space and sampling depth (optimally 10 or 12 bits per channel);
  3. Frame rate – Early 4K prototypes were below 60 frames per second. Over time, the figure reached 120 frames per second. As a result, it was possible to reduce the amount of blur when using dynamic content, including sports matches, action films and games;
  4. Smart TV – the presence of this function, first of all, indicates a hassle-free access to any UHD content. At the same time, each of the leading manufacturers of 4K TVs, including Samsung, Sony and LG, are trying to complement the technology with their own “goodies”, including free collections of films of the appropriate resolution. It should be added that most “smart TVs” run on Android or their own OS. The best models also support gesture and voice control. Here, as already mentioned, a lot depends directly on the offer of a certain brand – everyone has different technologies. You need to compare.
  5. Sound – Unfortunately, there is still no perfect TV that would support all 24 UHDTV audio channels. Therefore, you have to make a choice in favor of sound quality, matrix or other factors, depending on a particular model. At the same time, 7 or more audio channels are considered optimally.


So, aside from general standards, when deciding which 4K TV to buy, you need to be guided by your own experience. No expert opinion and conditional rating can replace personal perception of the picture. It should be added that the approach to choosing a TV in different price ranges is accompanied by taking into account specific standards. There is a need to look at the main characteristics of the budget class, including the type of matrix and the refresh rate, but in the premium segment, this no longer has any weight. In flagship TVs, the difference is in brand technology, additional options and SMART TV capabilities. Let’s summarize:

  1. Best 49-inch TV – Samsung QE49Q60RAU
  2. 4K 55-inch model – LG OLED55C9P;
  3. 65 inches – Sony KD-65XG9505;
  4. 77-inch – LG OLED77C9P;
  5. Best 4K TV 80 “- Samsung QE75Q77RAU.

Share your findings and opinions, friends.


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