TIPS / GUIDES8 Things To Know Before Buying An Axie Infinity (AXS)

Do you want to plunge into the planet of cryptocurrencies and celebrate creating virtual pets? So, stay tuned for a few of the items you would like to understand before purchasing the Axie Infinity.

Among our games to win cryptocurrency, we publish alittle Pokemon-style game during which you’re paid in bitcoins to make , fight and develop small virtual monsters. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Because anything that appears excellent , sometimes it doesn’t, and it comes with certain risks. Even Pokemon Masters aren’t free from risk and must walk on tall grass before catching a replacement little monster. And here we’ll mention the way to take care before stepping into the tall grass.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is one among the few cryptocurrencies whose price has skyrocketed in recent months. Its popularity and high returns have made investors wonder if they ought to buy. Here are a couple of belongings you should know if you’re thinking of buying the Axie Infinity.

Quick FAQ

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axi are ferocious creatures who like to fight, build and search for treasures!
Players can collect a set of Axies and use them in an ever-expanding universe of games! Axie Infinity uses a complicated technology called Blockchain to reward players for his or her participation.

How Do I Launch And Download Axie?

Once you’ve got three axes from the Marketplace , you’ll download the app here .
See this integration guide for more instructions on the way to start .

How Do i buy Axie?

You can buy Axies from other players using the Marketplace , otherwise you can purchase eggs from the Axie Lab if it’s open. you’ll also create new Axie eggs by breeding.

How To ask Axie Infinity Support

If you’ve got any difficulties, please join the Discord server and post a message on # new-player-help and therefore the community are going to be happy to help! Also an entire list of tutorials are often found here.

This seems pretty obvious, but let’s clear it up for those that still aren’t getting it. the most goal here is to form money. Playing to win cryptocurrency may be a relatively new thanks to play, but the concept is becoming more and more popular.

Axie – A Game To Win Cryptocurrency

In Axie Infinity, players have cute creatures named Axi. Each Axie may be a non-fungible token or NFT (a special sort of cryptographic token that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and lots of other utility tokens, NFTs aren’t fungible), which suggests you’re one exclusive digital collector … Players can create and fight their Axies, also as complete missions and farming.

The game features a whole economy (a world called Lunation). Players can use their in-game tokens – Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) – to shop for land, farm or grow Axies in Lunation. and since tokens have value, players also can use them to pay rent or food in real world .

Axie is not the Only Game On The Market To Win

If you’re thinking of shopping for AXS today, confine mind that there are other cryptocurrency games that would outshine today’s “new craze”. What sets Axie apart is that it’s had years of development and community building. The project originally started in 2017 and was released very recently, which, consistent with the event team, will make it difficult to simulate.

However, blockchain technology is additionally rapidly evolving, and every successful coin seems to get a particular number of copies. With any cryptocurrency, there’s always a risk that it’ll be quickly replaced by something better. If you would like to understand about other cryptocurrency games, here may be a list with some options .

Axie may be a Very Profitable Game

Axie Infinity has generated more revenue within the past 30 days than the highest ten apps combined. consistent with Token Terminal , Axie generated nearly $ 90 million in revenue in 30 days of June, while the highest ten apps on the Token Terminal list totaled around $ 41 million. Income comes from in-game purchases like land and monsters. Axie charges a 4.25% commission for purchasing and selling Axie NFTs and charges a commission for breeding monsters. What’s really remarkable is that 95% of your income goes back to the players.

Keep in mind, however, that cryptocurrencies aren’t stocks. If you purchase shares during a company that generates huge returns, you’ll get a share of the profits within the sort of dividends. If you purchase AXS, you’ve got no stake within the business. the most thanks to make a profit is to extend the worth of the token.

Axie Land Sales Records

CoinDesk said it had been the most important NFT sale so far . But other things have also managed to succeed in incredible values during this world of cryptocurrencies and virtual little monsters.

Since then, we have seen a slew of multi-million dollar sales of NFT, including the primary tweet from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which sold for nearly $ 3 million.

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